Game 144: The Minnesotas at The Clevelands

May (1-4, 9.38 ERA) vs. Bauer (5-7, 4.10 ERA)

Trevor May has not pitched very well since coming up. Let's hope this isn't another game reminiscent of the header image, because the Twins annual September give-up period (4th anniversary!) is underway and pretty depressing in a baseball sense. If it weren't for the Kennys Vargases, Danny Santanas (what happened to him, is he injured or something? Never did see any news on why he was pulled the other day), and Arcias (and, of course, Mauers) of the world, it would be dire. I'm trying to remain optimistic about the future because the future offense does sound like a lot of fun. It would just be really nice to see the pitching come along with that.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting started with deck framing this weekend. Any citizens in the area are more than welcome to come by and help. I'm snake-method smoking ribs on Sunday.

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    1. Trevor Bauer was chosen as the third overall pick in the 2011 draft and reached the majors at age 21. I don't think he really qualifies as a Jeremy.

      1. The original definition was "a pedestrian pitcher who handles the Twins and isn't well enough known that you could use 'Jeremy' for his first name and it would sound correct". Or something like that.

      1. Only thing I wondered about was lighter fluid smell getting into the meat. Not sure about that.

        1. Lighter fluid has no place in my house, so that's not a concern. That's what the chimney starter and news paper is for.

              1. The Boy was in charge yesterday of a pork butt via snake method. We had a pretty big butt. It was on for about 5.5 hours and needed at least another hour (had to go into the crock pot to finish). I think he didn't make the snake long enough and probably messed with the lid too many times during the day.

                But beautiful smoke ring on the meat and very tasty, if not entirely fall-apart-tender (I had to work pretty hard to shred some of the interior meat).

                1. H-istan has been too hot+humid to enjoy the backyard since mid- June. Just yesterday and today we are moving in the right direction. Looking forward to some quality time with the grill and firepit as we move into lower temps.

  1. Amazing. CLE sqwaukers don't have ads blaring on MLB Gameday during the break. That's. Lost. Revenue.

  2. Provus and Atteberry are making it sound like Vargas' slide into home plate must have been something to see.

  3. Why are the Twins waiting until spring training next year to honor the Fort Myers Miracle? We've had little enough to cheer about this year. Why not let us cheer the one team that actually won something?

  4. At least with Atteberry in the booth, we get to a hear a different phrase than "Gardy pops out of the dugout".

  5. I assume bringing Fien in is one of those "automatic" decisions, despite the fact that he's given up nine runs in his last 5.1 innings (seven appearances).

  6. So the Twins made Perkins go through an extensive workout to prove he could pitch, and it tired him out to the extent that he can't. Sorry, that just strikes me as hilarious. And sad.

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