Game Recaps #145 & 146: Minnesota 2-0, Cleveland 8-2

Nothing to see here.

No need to spend a lot of time on these.  In the first game, the bad Kyle Gibson showed up.  He's been showing up quite a bit recently.  One wonders if Gibson is wearing down toward the end of a long season.  The bullpen pitched well, giving up only one run over five innings, but it did not matter any more at that point.

In the second game, the good Ricky Nolasco showed up.  That's twice in the last four games that we've seen him.  Is that a sign of something?  Who knows?  I'm not sure how wise it was to have him throw 117 pitches, but I'm sure Bert Blyleven approved.  Unfortunately, the Twins offense managed only four singles, never getting two in the same inning.  Over eighteen innings, the Twins had two runs and twelve hits, eleven of them singles.

The Twins move on to Chicago.  Staff Ace Phil Hughes goes for them tonight against Jose Quintana.  Why should you still care?  Because, as Bill Woodson used to tell us, this is your team!  This is your state!  This is Twins Territory!  We'll just have to settle for 78-84!