21 thoughts on “2014 Game 160: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers”

  1. Here is a list of Twins that scored 110+ runs in a season

    Chuck Knoblauch 140 1996
    Rod Carew 128 1977
    Zoilo Versalles 126 1965
    Cesar Tovar 120 1970
    Kirby Puckett 119 1986
    Chuck Knoblauch 117 1997

    1. He's guaranteed to bat at least one more time and with the backend of the 'pen likely to finish the game, this is as good a time as any.

  2. Just took a load off finally after helping Runner daughter move furniture to her new apartment, but I've been monitoring the game when I hear MLB at bat chime. It's been doing that a lot tonight!

  3. I watched most of this but was too distracted by loads of 10-year-olds running around for a birthday party. That was a fun one. Now to watch Kansas City clinch.

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