49 thoughts on “Game 162 Twins at Tigers”

  1. Both NBBW and I had work-calls today (it's bloody Sunday!!1111!0011), but managed to pull off this dish:

    Rigatoni with Endive, Feta, and Walnuts.

    Cook the rigatoni al dente. Before draining, set some of the pasta liquid aside. Dry out the pot, then add olive oil on high heat. Add 2 thinly sliced endives and about 1/6 c. sliced red Bermuda onion. Cook till wilted. Add 1/4 c. of the pasta water and a 1/3 c. walnut pieces, cook until the liquid is evaporated. Add the rigatoni, another 1/4 c. of the pasta water, garden oregano, and salt/pepper - toss.

    Remove from heat, add Feta and more garden oregano. Serve after the feta has melted nicely and your wife has finished her work call.

    1. very nice. I bet some chopped olives and some capers, and maybe some lemon zest and juice, would go well in that too.

      I have been sauteeing a lot of spinach of late: sometimes browning some thin-sliced onion first, sometimes garlic, sometimes craisins and walnuts.

      tonight I'm making stuffed peppers: brown rice, a bunch of small-dice veggies (yellow squash, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, mushroom, plus a bit of parsley and oregano and maybe thyme), and some daiya (for the girl) or cheese and pepperoni (for me and the mrs), into red bell peppers. A bit of spaghetti sauce to moisten.

      1. I snaked what was originally an Italian recipe into a Grecian one (parsley -> oregano, gorgonzola -> feta, radicchio -> endive). You're right, lemon zest and capers would have been a good ad.

  2. Cory Provus criticizing the plate umpire. Dazzle does that fairly often, but I don't remember hearing it much from Cory.

    1. Y'know I don't remember Herb C. criticizing the plate umpire much. Or Gordo criticizing any Dairy Queen product...

  3. So was wondering what the citizens feel about OAK/SEA. I'm okay either way, though I'd prefer Seattle since they've never been to a WS and Felix

      1. Also, I am hoping for a play-in to the play-in.
        Hoping for two regularly. One game to avoid the play-in and one to make the play-in.

  4. I hope the Twins tie this up and it goes to like 18 innings and all of the Tigers bullpen is used up and It's an actual baseball decision for Hughes to pitch in relief and then the Tigers lose.
    And the Royals come back in their game and win and beat Detroit tomorrow for the division.

    1. A 7 1/3 IP loss that had been beautiful before 4 straight batters walked would be the Ankieliest/Blassiest outcome for this game.

  5. Come on, Twins, let's have a three-run rally and tie it up. I'm not ready for the season to end yet.

    1. Just what I was going to say. The Twins have nothing to be ashamed of in the way they played in this series. Detroit had to earn everything they got.

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