47 thoughts on “ALDS Games 1”

  1. Tillman and Kinsler goes 15 pitches into an at bat to get the out, Torii is the next batter and bunts on the first pitch *facepalm*

    1. They've had a number of long at-bats against Tillman. His pitch count is getting pretty high.

  2. Everyone thought that was a HR, the batter the pitcher the announcer, I mean everyone. Pearce thrown out at second base. hahaha

  3. Miller going 1.2 tonight may make him unavailable tomorrow. Shows the importance Showalter puts on trying to win Game One when he has the chance.

  4. My twitter feed is blowing up over Christian Ponder. Why they just don't with over to a pretty compelling LAAAAAA v. Royals I just don't understand.

    1. This doesn't bother me much. The argument about baseball dying is that it's more regional and the game doesn't involve the local nine. Perhaps more importantly is the football game is on CBS but the baseball game is on TBS.

      1. Perhaps more importantly is the football game is on CBS but the baseball game is on TBS.

        I can't watch TBS, but I still didn't watch the football game.

  5. This game is going to take a while if both teams score the same number of runs every half inning.

  6. I've been in and out of this one while taking care of Spookymilk Survivor duties. Who's still awake?

    Marble Brewery Red Ale here. They're touted, but it's...well, it's a Red Ale. There's no denying that. If I went to the dictionary and asked for the definition of Red Ale, this would probably be it. Unfortunately, I ache for the weird.

    1. I hear ya, milk man. This beer only has interesting hops and malt? I wanted something with some unusual yeast characteristics, too!

    2. Marble IPA is one of my all time favorites. The rest of their generic offerings are well made but meh.

  7. Going with Holland over Ventura in a save situation?
    I don't think anyone will disagree with that tomorrow.

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