33 thoughts on “October 16, 2014: Sour Cream”

    1. so, I'm the ONLY one who picked SF to win the NL pennant? Wowzer.

      ONE GAME AWAY FROM IMMORTALITY!!!!111one111!!!!!

      1. I've been in first place for quite a while, but cannot win. I even had SF winning the WC/DS early on before I abandoned it for my sentimentality. Damn it all, anyway.

  1. A great read by Sam Mellinger

    This is the organization that lost a game when the first baseman was hit in the back with a throw to the plate and the next day announced him as their All-Star. This is the franchise that literally flipped a coin to decide if Runelvys Hernandez or Jeremy Affeldt would be the opening-day starter, lost 310 games in three years and didn’t bother with a team picture one year because, and this is a direct quote: “Who would want a picture of this team?”

  2. Okay, time to throw a stink bomb into the Co'C -- here's a couple new CSI plays to consider, from the new Topps Updates set:
    Identify when the play occurred!

    1. Adrian Nieto scored on a ground-ball single in the bottom of the 9th on April 2, with Dayan Viciedo advancing to second, presumably on the throw. Seems pretty likely.

      1. Indeed. The five people pictured in the photo are all wearing long sleeves, suggesting it was not taken in the summer.

    2. I was just about to ask why Topps would have Bartlett in a Twins uniform in a new set since he hasn't been with the team in years. Then I remembered.

      1. I started to do the same thing!

        Something like a dozen Twins in the set, which is a lot, but what do you expect when you revolving door so many players during the season? At least no Morales card, thank goodness. And a new Twins autograph card to expand my player list - Colabello! Should be reasonably priced in a few weeks, unless I get lucky.

      1. I was kind of hoping the Cardinals would make it for this reason. And, now that it oughten be on a channel I can actually watch, that it would prevent any Pacific time zone annoyance.

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