20 thoughts on “October 18, 2014: Oh, Right”

  1. Fall/winter baseball reports will be sporadic to nonexistent this weekend, as life intervenes. Nothing bad has happened, just a busy weekend. We'll try to get caught up next week.

  2. [rant]
    I feel justified jumping on the Royals bandwagon. For a couple reasons. As a fan of a team that doesn't make the playoffs often, I can relate to other teams that also make rare appearances. They're also in our division, and they're not the White Sox. I've kinda been rooting them on all season, wanting them to defeat the Tigers and do well.

    However, all this blasted Cardinals fans are suddenly swarming the Royals bandwagon and it's pissing me off. You guys don't get to join the Royals bandwagon. After bragging about your 11 World titles and how you're in the playoffs EVERY October, and your constant wearing of anything red, you don't suddenly get to turn blue (exceptions are only if you start following hockey).

    Yes, I understand the Royals share a state with you, but that don't mean crap. And I also understand that the Royals will be playing the team that just beat you in the NLCS. Still you frackers need to wait at the back of the line until all the Twins, Mariners, Nationals, Rangers, Astros, Cubs, Rockies, and Padres fans find their seat. And then maybe you can walk alongside the bandwagon as they march over the Giants.

    Damned leeches.

      1. I am friends with far too many Cardinals fans on facebook. All of them are trying to hop aboard the KC wagon.

            1. I know Joannie has had her issues, but that just seems cruel to include her entire family in the insult.

    1. You're taking "want the Royals to win" and "on the Royals' bandwagon" as the same thing. Most of the Cards fans here are Royals fans also. Some are even Browns Orioles fans.

    1. You were saying? I never would have thought the Gophers capable of winning a game like that. Probably won't impress the pollsters very much but the important thing is the Gophers are alone in first place in the B1G West. First time at 3-0 in the B1G since 1990. If they beat Illinois next week, they'll be 4-0 for the first time since 1967 or something like that. And they'll probably be favored in two weeks when they host Iowa.

      1. The 1990 team ended up 6-5 and did not get invited to a bowl game. They're 3-0 start came against Purdue, Northwestern and Indiana. All had losing records in the B1G. Northwestern and Purdue both had just 1 conference win. The Gophers went 5-3 in conference, but only 1 win against a team with a winning record in conference when they upset Iowa in the final game of the season. The Gophers went 3-0 to start conference play also in 1986, but it again was against Purdue, Northwestern and Indiana and those three again had losing records. The Gophers went 6-6 after losing to Tennessee in the Liberty Bowl. They upset No. 2 Michigan on the road but then lost the next week at home to Iowa to finish 5-3 in conference.

        Apparently, the Gophers played the same conference schedule every year back then, because the Gophers again went 3-0 to start conference against Purdue, Northwestern and Indiana. Ended up 4-4 in conference and won the Liberty Bowl over Clemson. Prior to that, they hadn't started 3-0 since 1976, largely because they had a number of years in the late 70s where they started conference against Ohio State.

      1. I knew he had very little AAA experience, but hadn't realized how slight his AA experience was as well. I'm guardedly optimistic that he'll cut back significantly on his K-rate and up his walk rate somewhat without damaging his ISO. I'd take 250/320/480 from him in a New York Minute.

    1. the reference to Chris Carter is pretty funny. That dude is the second coming of Dave Kingman. 225/314/471 with 394:126 K:BB and 66 HR in two full seasons with Houston.

      The Carter trade was one that was good for both teams. Houston got Carter, Max Stassi (their catcher of the near future) and the disposable Brad Peacock, while Oakland got Jed Lowrie and righty reliever Fernando Rodriguez. Rodriguez spent most of the season at AAA, where he was pretty dominant (53:16 K:BB and 2 HR allowed in 45 2/3 innings). He's old (age-30 this season), so they have to get value from him pretty quickly, but I think they can either use him in middle relief next year or trade him for a prospect.

  3. Mrs. SoCal took Junior to a roller skating night as part of a school function, so I had a guys night with Trey. I offered to take him to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 in the 3D, but he had his heart set on seeing the Lego Movie. I then asked him where he wanted to get takeout from. He picked McDonald's. No skin off my nose if he wanted to go as cheap as possible and he still got to feel special, so it worked out well.

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