Game 2: Pistons @ Wolves

No game log last night? Come on!?! What was there something else going on that was of interest to citizens?

Anyway, I watched last night so you didn't have to. Here is a lazy run down of the roster and how I felt about their performance last night.

Bennett, Anthony- Looked half way decent, he is going to have a couple of highlight reel dunks this season.
Brewer, Corey- Looked half way decent, he is going to have a couple of highlight reel dunks this season.
Budinger, Chase- Looked half way decent, he is going to get traded this season
Dieng, Gorgui - Looked awesome.
Hummel, Robbie- DNP, he is not going to play a lot this season
LaVine, Zach- DNP, he is not going to play a lot this season
Martin, Kevin- DNP, he is not going to have a lot of motivation this season
Muhammad, Shabazz- Shabazz actually looked like an honest to goodness NBA player last night. He lost weight, played hard and smart. He consistently impressed me last night.
Peković, Nikola - Looked pretty rusty, we are going to talk about how we begrudgingly want to trade him this season.
Robinson, Glenn - DNP, he is not going to play a lot this season
Rubio, Ricky- Ricky looked aggressive, sometimes it looked good, othertimes not so much. He made drives to the rim but pulled up ~10ft too much. He needs to take the ball all the way to the time and learn to finish if he is going to be the leader Flip and co want him to be.
Turiaf, Ronny- DNP, he might be hurt a lot this season
Wiggins, Andrew -Tony Allen has made players better than Wiggins look bad. Wiggins showed a great first step but looked lost for chunks of the game. The relief on his face after making his first free throw got a chuckle out of me.
Williams, Mo- Looked like a gunner last night. I texted my Blazers fan friend and said the worst thing you can hope for is Mo Williams getting hot. The reason being is he thinks he is hot for three weeks. So it sounds like we got JJ with better range?
Young, Thaddeus- Thad is going to shoot 25 times a game. He is in a contract year, wants to get paid, and does not seem to care about making anyone around him better. You are going to hate Thad Young.

I hope to have someone join me tonight. Go Wolves!

73 thoughts on “Game 2: Pistons @ Wolves”

  1. How do I get a picture of cheaptoy cursing at his laptop about Thad Young not passing as the avatar for all Wolves game logs?

    1. I'll work on that. Won't be this game because I'm about to head out to the curling club, but I don't think I'll have any shortage of swears this year.

  2. LaVine, Zach- DNP, he is not going to play a lot this season

    A perfect guy to play in the D-League a lot this year.

    Pek looks out of shape. Although he looked out of shape this time last year. I would love to see a Pek-Turiaf lineup against the bigger lineups like what Memphis threw out.

    1. Dieng just looks so great that it makes Pek expendable, especially with the age of this team and the time table for competing.

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  3. Andrew Wiggins now has more career points in a Wolves uniform than Trevor Winter, Calvin Booth, and Will Conroy.

  4. Flipping between games, nice to see Ken Mauer is still my least favorite Mauer by a landslide.

  5. Because I dont follow the NBA too close outside of the Wolves, I have no idea about this Thad Young guy. But I like him.

    1. I may have been a little quick to pass judgement but I'm pretty sure I would rather Anthony Bennett get those minutes.

  6. Time to see if this team is any better at hanging on to fourth quarter leads that the past few years.

  7. Quincy Acy schooling the Lebrons over on TNT. Cleveland is a work in progress. And Klub's shoes are hideous.

  8. I like the little spark you see between Thad and Ricky. Bonding.

    I'm irrationally excited about this roster even though Flip Saunders is in charge of it.

    1. Kings were same ol' shizzle last night. Turnovers, poor ball movement, terrible shooting. Another long season in Sactown.

  9. Lot of talk on the twitter machine about how Flip is going with a veteran heavy lineup. I know there will be plenty of time to give the kids crunch time reps this season but I'd really like to see at least Wiggins in the lineup right now.

      1. Fisher is making jason kidd look like a genius coach by comparison, but he might stumble into a win here.

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