33 thoughts on “NBA: Houston “at” Minnesota. 9:00pm”

  1. I noticed it during the Wolves game over the weekend, but thought maybe its because the Wolves Were in town. But the arena Miami plays in sure has a lot of empty seats now that LeBron left.

    1. I think I'd have to say Dwight because his off the court personality seems so obnoxious. But for a guy who is so good offensively, I also find Harden tough to watch.

  2. So, LaVine doesn't look as bad as I expected. The offense still looks herky jerky without Rubio, though.

    1. And now I wanna punch the decision maker who scheduled this start time because I just can't stay up for the second half.

  3. Man, I am already sick of the hagiographic LeBron adverts. Give it a rest! He is a basketball player, not Gandhi or Moses.

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