13 thoughts on “Game 10: Knicks at Wolves 7:10pm”

  1. They're going to win this gab me just because, aren't they? (That just because could also just be that the Knicks are terrible.)

  2. You know, having an 18 day road trip is probably not good for a team.
    The Wolves, even in an injured state, looks fresh!

  3. Wolvsian

    Jon Krawczynski ‏@APkrawczynski
    Gorgui Dieng tried to go coast-to-coast and it ended with him airballing a dunk, as it should have

  4. James Harden and Kobe Bryant have the same amount of points, 22.

    Kobe: 9/26 from the floor
    Harden: 6/9

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