Half-Baked Hall: 1916 Election Results




I hope you all had a happy holiday season. I am very grateful that we here at the Half-Baked Hall don't have a silly cap on how many people you can vote for. No one can accuse us of strategic votes over here!


If he had all five of his fingers, would we be as impressed? Would he have pitched better or worse? We'll never know. What we do know, is that Mordecai Brown is in the Half-Baked Hall with 78% of the vote.


Wee Willie scrapes by on his third ballot, garnering 78% of the vote with a few maybes thrown on top of that. Nearly all of his value is tied up in singles, though the WGOM also loves players named Willie.


We here at the Half-Baked Hall recently learned about a long-standing family feud between the Youngs and the Colemans, which is why to this point we have never had a player voted in unanimously. Well, that changes today. Congratulations, Napoleon. You are inner circle.


Joining Lajoie in that inner circle is Christy Mathewson. 100% of the voters' hearts belong to you Christy.

Remaining on the Ballot (15 Players)

Not a ton of movement amongst the people remaining on the ballot. Vic Willis, oddly, had the biggest shift, increasing ten percentage points. Fred Clarke is the only new guy to make a good showing with 61% of the vote.

It appears the voters are not too impressed with Hall-Of-Famers Joe Tinker and Roger Bresnahan, though they received their fair share of maybe votes.

Jesse Burkett: 67% -4
Joe McGinnity: 67% +0
Fred Clarke: 61%
Jimmy Collins: 61% -6
Clark Griffith: 61% -6
Addie Joss: 61% -1
Bill Dahlen: 56% +4
Jim O'Rourke: 44% +6
Vic Willis: 39% +10
Jake Beckley: 33% +0
Miller Huggins: 33%
Frank Chance: 28% -1
Joe Tinker: 28%
Roger Bresnahan: 22%
Elmer Flick: 22% -2

Falling off the Ballot (9 Players)

Like Buck Ewing before him, Rusie comes agonizingly close (just one vote) away from hall induction on his final ballot.

Otherwise, Chesbro and Kelley fall off the ballot on their fourth tries, their maybe votes slipping away. Voters appear to be getting more confident about who they don't like, with a record six players getting no votes whatsoever.

Amos Rusie: 72% +5
Jack Chesbro: 22% +3
Joe Kelley: 22% -2
Bill Bradley: 0
Russ Ford: 0
Fielder Jones: 0
George Mullin: 0
Danny Murphy: 0
Nap Rucker: 0



17 thoughts on “Half-Baked Hall: 1916 Election Results”

    1. There's some interesting stuff in those numbers now that we have 10 ballots and moving away from SSS. Jeff A -- 50 percent Yes Votes! I'm definitely a small hall guy with only 12% "Not No" votes. Scot and I are probably stingiest. Along with FTLT, but he's participated in 8 ballots. Man a lot of you guys are really generous.

      1. I'm generous for sure, but I still think I'm less generous than the actual Hall. Or at least on par, swapping out bizarre guys like George Wright in favor of ones like Jack Glasscock. Barnes, Glasscock and McCormick are the only players we've elected not in the real Hall, and we've already booted off several more than that that are.

        It's obvious how stacked the last ballot was. It easily generated the highest average number of "yes" votes. You, Scot, sean, and yickit, all stingy, dropped down your highest numbers so far, despite only 28 players on the ballot.

        1. It easily generated the highest average number of "yes" votes.

          Just added this calculation to the sheet.

          1916 Ballot was not the highest average number of yes votes (11.2 in 1916, 11.3 in 1906), but it was the highest average percentage of yes votes (40% - next closest was 35%).

    2. I definitely voted last time. Try looking up "The Dread Pirate" for your records. Also, I feel like a lot of my yes's were for repeat people that never actually got in.

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