Guest DJs 2015

Well, looks like it's about that time again, kiddos. We're looking for a few sensitive young men and women to spin the black circles. If you want a crack that at whole DJ thing, just let us know below. We will continue following the same selection rules based on previous DJ stints. I re-jiggered the schedule a little in that December will be reserved for a slew of volunteers to showcase their best-ofs (as we did in 2013).

Come be the next opportunistic renegade. Any questions, just ask, yo.

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  1. 2015 GUEST DJs

    I think it was a quieter turnout, but that just means more spots for who did volunteer. I have a spreadsheet and all that rot, but this one pretty easy to figure even without one. By virtue of eligibility, the following people are in:

    DJ Previous DJ Stints
    bjhess 0 times
    Pepper 0 times
    yickit 0 times
    E-6 2012
    Philosofer 2013
    cheaptoy 2011 2013
    freealonzo 2011 2013
    MagUidhir 2011 2013
    Twayn 2011 2013
    Zack 2011 2013
    Daneeka's Ghost 2011 2014

    By my California math, that's our 11. Just so we know the score, here's those just below the cut line:

    DJ Previous DJ Stints
    nibbish 2012 2014
    spookymilk 2012 2014
    DK 2011 2012 2014
    Rhubarb_Runner 2011 2012 2014

    Please come back next year.

    All right, now, all DJs will be arranged by alphabetical order, and paired up next to a randomized list 1-11 to assign months, and theeeen voilà!

    Your 2015 Guest DJs:

    DJ Month
    cheaptoy 1-January
    Twayn 2-February
    Zack 3-March
    bjhess 4-April
    Pepper 5-May
    freealonzo 6-June
    E-6 7-July
    Daneeka's Ghost 8-August
    yickit 9-September
    MagUidhir 10-October
    Philosofer 11-November
    Best Of 2015 12-December

    Okay, thanks for playing (cheaptoy, think you can swing Monday?). Let me know if there are any questions.

    1. Now I'm nervous.

      I suspect there'll be an instructional email or something to give me details on hows and whats.

      Programming note: I'm on vacation and likely less-than-normally-available from March 23 - April 1. And I might need help at least on April 1.

      1. The table thing is for numerical data with possible headers mingled with the data*. It... does not do well with no numbers.

        * E.g. like long tables on sites. Hence the name, "SR Table". I have an updated/rewritten version pending but it's still in the barely usable state part of alpha. If anyone that knows PHP wants to help, I can post the code.

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