53 thoughts on “February 17, 2015: Yeaaaaahhh”

        1. I wonder what determines whether typeface designers offset the dot over the i rather than incorporating it into the f. For comparison, see these ligatures from Didot:

        2. I've been staring at it and it's still bothering me. It's like it's escaping.
          I don't think it was worth being driven mad with that dot floating off into space like that.

    1. C'mon! The white settler on the seal isn't aiming the gun found next to him at the retreating Indian!
      I think Minnesota should go back to when their flag was new and reinstate the only US State or International flag to have different colors on each side.
      And also go back to the wrong ladyslipper flower.

      For real though?
      I like this guy's idea better than the one atop the CP article.
      I think the yellow star is too much, and placing the white star in a dark blue column, allowing there to be "sky blue" while still setting the star in a night sky.
      Or have the waves be two (thinner) lines of white and green and another field of sky-blue beneath for the waters.

          1. Maybe instead of a block on the left side, the block should be an angled one, on the right side, like the shoreline?

        1. Put a notch in it like Ohio and Nepal do, to represent the shape of the state.

          Keep the star in the upper left (northwest) corner, that represents: North Star, former Northwest Territories, and Northwest Angle (unless Colin Peterson gets his way*).
          *I don't know if he's proposed giving it back to Canada lately, but I know he did at least once.

            1. I like it, but I still think it's a bit busy. I'd keep the shape and the blue/green, but do something different with the stars.

          1. Peterson wasn't really trying to give away the NW angle, he was just trying to force Canada's hand to make fishing regulations more reasonable. The Red Lake Indians own the majority of it, anyway, so it's not his to give away.

            I think the star in most of the designs is too large. Just put a middlin' size one in the upper left corner and call it good. I do prefer a white star over a gold one, too, although Polaris (the north star) is a yellow supergiant (yet only the 45th brightest star in the night sky).

    2. Heh.

      Lee Herold is a member of the Minnesota Flag Coalition, a group advocating the state adopt a new flag. Herold says a another characteristic of a good flag is the number of things on it. These should be limited to two or three.

      Minnesota's flag has 27.

      "There's 18 stars, three dates, an Indian, a farmer, a gun, an axe, a stump, a field, and a tree -- it's the state tree -- just to name a few," says Herold.

      I was sorely ignorant about the finer points of vexillology until I heard this 99% Invisible episode.

    3. Do.... Do those people know they're commenting under their real name?

      I do like this one, though, because I can't tell if it's real or Apple:

      Maybe something with an artist rendering of the new Vikings stadium!!

  1. What's right with Minneapolis?

    I couldn’t help but think that the Saint Anthony Falls were a metaphor for the city’s advantages: a blend of geographical blessings and thoughtful city planning—all of which, to an outsider, looks deceptively boring.

    1. I was just coming here to link this.

      In a very passive Minnesotan way of course. No bragging here. Something along the lines of "can't complain" will do.

    2. I am not a big fan of any article that basically says an incredibly complex question can be boiled down to one piece of legislation.

    3. I'm debating...Ought we be so pleased at our collective virtue, or terrified that it's all downhill from here?

    1. I liked him, but by the end of last year, I was sick of seeing him out there. Relief pitchers are weird like them, I guess.

      1. I'm not outraged that the Twins let him go or anything. He just was a guy I liked, for no particular reason. If he had to sign with someone else, I really wish it hadn't been the Yankees.

    1. Tonight's episodes were fun, if not quite to the level of the preceding few. Glad the show is going out on a high, though I wish they weren't burning through them quite so quickly. The last thirteen episodes (well, eleven plus a hour-long finale) of a beloved show should be allowed to breathe a bit.

    1. I was kind of surprised how many fb-friends made mention of her passing yesterday. I guess I didn't realize how active she was for LGBT causes later in life.

      She certainly was a trailblazer in that she wrote the songs that she took to the top of the charts--pretty much unheard of for a woman in that era.

      My favorite Leslie Gore number:
      Talk about a tune that's ripe for a good cover version.

        1. I did what, now?

          Play it anyway. No one pays attention to the videos. (Which is a shame, because you and the printer are arguably the best DJs in the history of this august institution.)

          1. No one pays attention to the videos.

            Sad state of affairs. Some of us do ... or at least try to. I'll cop to binge watching on the weekends because music videos in a cubicle environment...

            1. I pay attention. I just rarely rate or comment because I know my musical tastes are different from most folks around here.

              1. I've long since not let any validation get wrapped up in rankings, but I've always maintained that I'd prefer more (honest) ratings than less. For example, I'd be much happier if a video got 4 ratings with a 5.66 average than 1 rating of 8.

              2. It's kind of a running gag with the retired vj's.

                I don't watch as many as I used to because most of my visits to the joint are on my phone.

  2. Amanda Zahui B has 35 points and 26 rebounds and there is still 3 minutes left in this Gophers womens game. Absolute beast mode

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