LA Clippers @ Wolves. 7:10pm

Kevin Garnett was nice enough to buy 1,000 tickets to this game (would a segment of Twins fandom boo if Joe Mauer did something like this at Target Field?)

The Wolves are playing better since Pek, Martin, and Rubio have come back from injury. But tonight they will be without Pek (foot) and Martin (the flu) and missing Pek might be more of a thing because DeAndre Jordan has been in beast mode lately.

Lets hope for the best.

31 thoughts on “LA Clippers @ Wolves. 7:10pm”

  1. DeAndre Jordan has a free throw % of .409. Its one of his better seasons at the charity stripe.

    1. apropos, Chris Dudley used to work out at the gym on campus when I was in grad school, during his off-seasons. Saw him frequently, shooting by himself, when I was there to play noonball. No, he did not join in.


  2. Im not sold on Adrien Payne. But he shows more life than Anthony Bennett, so he has got that going for him.

  3. The Clippers are letting KG shoot those mid range shots all game. He is going to make them all night long.

  4. The Clippers had an 18 point lead at one point in this game. But now the Wolves are up by 7.

  5. Seeing Glen Davis play in NBA games gives me hope that a guy like me can one day suit up for the Wolves.

  6. Austin Rivers wanted to tango with KG.
    there are not enough emojis in the world to express how I feel about that. lol

  7. Its not the hottest of #sportstakes but the Clippers are the most dislikable team in the NBA and second place is not close.

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