2015 Game 1: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

I'd love to type something thoughtful and full of optimism here, but I'm short on time and actual belief in that. We'll start the year off for a team that's full of youthful potential, but bogged down with the aged veterans for some reason. But, let's let the 25-man roster speak for itself:



Phil Hughes
Ervin Santana
Ricky Nolasco
Kyle Gibson
Tommy Milone


Glen Perkins
Casey Fien
Brian Duensing
Mike Pelfrey
Blaine Boyer
Tim Stauffer
J.R, Graham



Joe Mauer
Brian Dozier
Danny Santana
Trevor Plouffe
Kurt Suzuki
Eduardo Escobar
Eduardo Nunez
Chris Herrmann
Kennys Vargas


Oswaldo Arcia
Jordan Schafer
Torii Hunter
Shane Robinson

Or, for the more hopeful: Let's get ready for the first step to 162-0.


104 thoughts on “2015 Game 1: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers”

  1. My dad asked me what I thought about the Twins this year, I replied "Ah, who cares. I'm just going to enjoy the games I watch."

    Go Twins!

  2. Can someone tell me who these people are:

    Blaine Boyer
    Tim Stauffer
    J.R, Graham
    Torii Hunter
    Shane Robinson

    1. Boyer has been around a long time. A middle/mop-up reliever. Was a nonroster invite and made the team. Stauffer was a free agent signed in the offseason from San Diego. A middle reliever with the Padres. Used to be a starter before getting injured. Graham was a former top prospect for the Braves before getting hurt. Twins took him in the Rule 5 draft. He has to be on the major league roster or the Twins have to give him back to the Braves and/or work a trade to keep him. Throws in the mid-90s. Could throw near 100 before injuries. He's hoping to get there when the weather warms. ii is the next in a long line of Twins brought back to bring veterany goodness. Shane Robinson was a longtime fourth OF/ pinch hit specialist with the Cardinals. A nice RH complement to Shafer and Arcia if he gets used properly. Small, fast, no power. The ElmsLadies that sponsor his B-Ref page call him Sugar Shane.

  3. Who cares who wins or loses, I can't wait to hear who got the peanut-butter in the underwear treatment. #FUN2015

    1. I'm going to guess Vargas or Santana so ii can make it known that imposters won't be tolerated in his clubfunhouse!

  4. If you haven't watched the video I linked in the CoC, be sure to do so. It's pretty awesome, and completely appropriate to opening day.

  5. I can understand why Dick'n'Bert wouldn't want to address some of the controversies surrounding ii, but to pretend like he's universally loved seems kind of silly.

    1. He is not universally loved, but a good majority of Twins fandom still likes him.

    2. What are you, some kind of priick? You're a real priick, man. Hey everybody, this guy is some kind of priick.

  6. Hmm...is it too early to abandon the season in the second inning of the first game?

  7. Mauer with power-hitter facial hair. I have a good feeling about this year for his SLG this year.

  8. Alright, I'm not going to get greedy and ask for a win, but let's at least get some runs!

  9. I had every intention of running an Opening Day pick'em here, but as I prepared for my dad and brother to get here I forgot all about it. Well, maybe I'll do one in a few days for a lark.

    1. Well, when you're down three and the pitcher you're facing in a former Cy Young winner who started the game off with 13 straight outs and you get two runners on for your leadoff batter, and...

      ...was Dick really asking for a bunt?

      Of course he was, why would I ask that.

      1. and the tv guys just nattered about GOML and a lack of respect for tradition by everyone else.

  10. How much of this running parade is Suzuki and how much is pitchers not holding anyone on?

      1. the first steal certainly was on Hughes. Or maybe it should have been "defensive indifference" since he had such a huge jump that Suzuki didn't even attempt a throw.

        1. Yeah, that was the old ii taking off before the pitcher moves and hoping he doesn't step off for an easy out at second. Hughes never did, so it was an easy steal.

  11. I saw a tweet from Berardino referencing the Sunday paper and things being all good (or somesuch) with ii. I had to look. There were two articles with nary a mention of the "Prick" incident. There were however, some interesting quotes from ii.

    "Yeah, I mean, I have to be honest with you. I have declined, but how much? There's a decline in everybody the older you get, but for me, I swear to you, I was a five-tool player -- athlete."

    An admission?

    "If I went to center field I would probably play well today because I know how to play," he said. "It's the reads and everything. In right field, you just don't have time to get to those balls that are sinking and hit hard because lefties hit it at you, so it's quick reaction. Those corners and different things like that. Sometimes you can't see the ball off the bat because of the fans with the white shirts or whatever it may be. It's totally different."

    An admission and an excuse?

    "That's why I came here," he said. "Target Field, you see everything. I couldn't see in Comerica, but Target Field the background is great. I've never lost a ball there."

    It wasn't the nostalgic hero worship & $10.5 M? People don't wear white shirts to Twins games?

    1. That second quote- he could still play center field well? It's so much easier than playing those tough outfield corner spots?


      Geez, Torii.

    1. Molitor's bound to be a little different, it seems. He did an annoyed half-glare rather than chase Joe down and tell him he sucks.

    1. Just saw it. Wow that was bad, especially to end the inning and the game. If it's a close call, you should ask for help and that wasn't even close to being a swing. West helps ii change to kk.

  12. Well, David Price is a really good pitcher, and he'll shut teams down sometimes. Phil Hughes pitched well except for a few balls that went over the fence. On the plus side, I had a good day of bowling, going 143, 205, 171 for a 519 series. We'll just have to settle for 161-1!

  13. LEN3 pointed out that Gardy era ended by being shutout by Price and Molitor era started with a shutout by Price and Nathan. Of course, offense wasn't the problem last year.

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