Game 6: Bad Guys 6, Good Guys 2

It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea:

Good Idea: Getting Oswaldo Arcia out of the lineup vs. Chris Sale.

Bad Idea: Replacing him in LF with Eduardo Escobar with a flyball pitcher like Phil Hughes starting.

Good Idea: Keeping Phil Hughes on his regular schedule so he can get as many starts as possible.

Bad Idea: Even considering starting Mike Pelfrey ahead of Trevor May, Alex Meyer, Jose Berrios or Taylor Rogers.

Good Idea: Switching to a RH reliever when Avisail Garcia, Alexei Ramirez and Gordan Beckham are due up in the eighth inning of a one-run game.

Bad Idea: Using Blaine Boyer when J.R. Graham is available to pitch.

Good Idea: Not using Tim Stauffer in a critical situation.

Bad Idea: Signing Stauffer to a guaranteed deal in the first place and then using that deal as an excuse to guarantee him a spot in the bullpen despite a horrible spring training, which then forced manager Paul Molitor to choose between a guy that was originally signed to a minor league deal and a Rule 5 draft pick in a critical situation after just one pitcher developed a stiff shoulder.

Good Idea: Throwing out stupid base runners to prevent runs.

Bad Idea: Losing a game when the other team looked like it was actually trying to lose it with their stupidity.

Good Idea: Assuming that the rest of the season can't possibly be as bad as the first week.

Bad Idea: Believing that the run of lost baseball seasons will be over soon without some major changes to the current roster, especially the bullpen.

One thought on “Game 6: Bad Guys 6, Good Guys 2”

  1. Good idea: strikeout 10 guys for every one you walk.
    Bad idea: Serve up a gopher ball every four innings.

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