Game 10: Twins hosting Cleveland 7:10 pm.

The Twins are on a winning streak! Only two games but I'll take it.
Cy Young Award winning Corey Kluber throws for Cleveland. Since this years lineup is mostly the same as last year, lets go back and look what Kluber did against the Twins.
2014-09-21 @MIN W 8.0 7 2 2 1 14 0
2014-09-11 MIN W 8.1 8 2 2 0 7 0
2014-08-21 @MIN L 7.0 6 3 3 4 8 1

That jumbled mass of number says Kluber was very good against the locals.  Mike Pelfrey goes for Minnesota. Lets hope he makes it at least 6 innings and keeps the run total low.

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  1. lineups from Yahoo!
    Michael Bourn CF
    Jason Kipnis 2B
    Michael Brantley DH
    Carlos Santana 1B
    Brandon Moss RF
    David Murphy LF
    Lonnie Chisenhall 3B
    Roberto Pérez C
    José Ramírez SS

    Danny Santana SS
    Eduardo Escobar LF
    Joe Mauer 1B
    Brian Dozier 2B
    Kennys Vargas DH
    Trevor Plouffe 3B
    Oswaldo Arcia RF
    Chris Herrmann C
    Jordan Schafer CF

  2. Tonight's fan fare: Chicken fajitas, frijoles refritos, chips/salsa/guacamole, and a Friendly beer. We go with the vegetarian refries now to cut out the lard and some of the salt. Best meal I've had in two weeks.

      1. Also grilled burgers, but drinking a homebrew ipa.

        I did pick up the doomtree last weekend. It was ok, but didn't wow me like some of their other offerings. The wow factor came from finding it in Kenosha.

        1. The work crew is making plans for happy hour next Friday at the new Surly Beer Hall. I'm all in.

            1. They've got a pretty good looking food menu. Charcuterie includes braunschweiger, salami and pheasant terrine. Savory seems to be the watchword.

    1. Grilled salmon covered with guacamole, fancy carrots from Trader Joe's, and chips to go with the extra guac.

  3. The Twins' tolerance for weak sticks allegedly offset by speed and defense is frustrating. Looking at you, Schafer.

  4. I am issuing a Perfect Game Watch in effect from now until 10pm for Target Field. Conditions are favorable for a perfect game in the watch area. Stay tuned for further updates.

  5. Tim Stauffer is in a race with Blaine Boyer for the bottom rung of the bullpen ladder.

  6. Down by two to a pitch that is dealing and Bert is begging to trade an out to move Arcia over to 3rd. TWINS BASEBALL!!

  7. Me: Grumble grumble grumble Schafer.
    Wife: At least he knows how to wear baseball pants.

    1. A bunt is kind of stupid in general, but this is Kluber. A surprise bunt, especially if sort of trying to bunt for a hit, is a decent idea.

      1. Herrmann read it well, too, saw it wasn't getting past the pitcher and beat a hasty retreat.

  8. Part of me wishes Ozzie Guillen was the Cleveland bench boss. Last inning would have had him in a meltdown.

    1. Nah, even Gardy did it at home. The question is will Molitor use him in the tie game on the road.

      1. Normally, I would agree and want Perk to go another inning, but this is his third consecutive game pitching and they have a day game tomorrow, so I can understand using him just for one.

  9. I wonder if anyone has ever tried stealing a base when the pitcher is soft tossing IBB pitches.

    1. I remember when Dave Engle was soft-lobbing his throws back to the pitcher so weakly that people were wondering if someone would try steal off it.

  10. J.R. Graham the only other option and he's a rule 5 rookie who HASNT ALLOWED BASE HITS TO THE LAST SEVEM BATTERS HE'S FAVED WHY IS BLAINE BOYER AN OPTION??

  11. So, Rzepczynski came in to.... Intentionally walk Joe Mauer?

    I appreciate that it's a skill position, but that's still a little absurd. I wonder how often THAT happens.

  12. I'm glad the Toyota commercials got dialed back after mid-game, especially the spots touting the Camry's 'bold design.' It looks like every other midsize sedan these days -- sort of like Emperor Ming's codpiece.

    1. He was sort of like a puppy that just found his pecker up there, Way too excited about the possibilities.

    1. They're not "bullets" so much as "banana peels that we throw at opposing batters in the hopes that they trip themselves up".

    1. I made a joke about how you'd need a telescope to see that ERA if it were a few parsecs away. It was bad. I deleted it. Then I accidentally put something else as a reply. Oops.

  13. Sitting in the waiting room at the Dr. yesterday and found the Sports Illustrated pre-season scouting issue. They picked Cleveland to win the division and pegged us for 95 losses. The one sentence about the new manager basically said Molitor would be an improvement because the team had just stopped listening to Gardenhire completely.

    1. I mean, it started seeming possible in the last season. He seemed very much in the "liked, but not respected" category. A dangerous place for a boss of any type to be.


  15. Sheenie walks in and says, "I'm going to sleep after this inning." Then, she looks at the screen and says, "Oh, but Plouffe's going to homer here so I won't worry about it."

    1. My wife commanded Boyer stop being a *%^% and strike someone out (she doesn't even care about baseball). He did on the next pitch. "See, they need tough love."

      1. It's really not, all things considered. A little more offense against that sox and #itshappening.

    1. I liked the third baseman in the background not even turning his head to watch. Reminds me of that ALDS Red Sox-Angels game awhile back when Manny hit a walk-off and Mike Napoli (Angels catcher at the time), stood up and started walking away before Manny had even left the box.

  16. I had a vision of "PLOUFFE!" run through my head at the beginning of the at bat. Seems we were all feeling it.

  17. I'll just quote myself from yesterday's recap: "No reasonable person would expect the Twins to win tonight, given that matchup, except for one thing: it's baseball. Odd things like that happen every day. Maybe one will happen for us tonight. We're still on track for 156-6!"

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