33 thoughts on “Game 11: Clevelanders @ Twins”

  1. Don't remember the TIBN playing the national anthem, but today Red Pine Elementary choir from Eagan did just fine.

    1. They've done it a couple of times recently. I haven't been able to listen consistently enough to know if it's a new thing or just a coincidence.

  2. Eduardo Nunez hit a double, and his helmet stayed on his melon. gold star effort!

  3. Quick thing talking about Mauer pulling the ball by "acquainting his body with pulling the ball". Mauer promptly hits a double to left.

  4. Taking a peek at the all time Twins double list (updated)

    3 Kent Hrbek 312
    4 Joe Mauer 310

  5. Twins were supposed to sweep this series. Now they've ruined the pattern. Oh well. I'm sure there will be plenty of complaints about strikeouts, but the Twins had 9 Ks in their first 3 1/3 innings of batting and 4 in their final 5 2/3 innings, so they did make adjustments. I was more disliking giving away outs with dumb base running and dumb attempts at bunting.

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