14 thoughts on “April 19, 2015: Important Morning Meetings”

  1. After Hour 33 (of 54) our team was in 12th place out of 400+ teams. Currently we're in 14th, holding strong while we amortize a bad run of questions.

  2. so, I wake up this morning to an email from the Boy:

    Subject: Heaven is Called Ramen St.

    The 10th floor of the Isetan department store at Kyoto Station is made up entirely of ramen shops.

    Feast your eyes, and know that I have found a true happiness your taste buds shall yearn for in their old age.

    And yes, that bowl of ramen is literally covered in pork. So much delicious, perfectly cooked pork loin that you have to eat your way through it to even see the noodles.

    I'm so pleased that he is learning so much about Japanese culture....

    1. I have found a true happiness your taste buds shall yearn for in their old age.

      I am impressed with his burn skills.

      1. Yes, I'm a proud papa.

        I regularly send him pictures of me eating Animal-style double-doubles while he's away at school. It's important to share these things.

    1. Uffda. Minneapolis has a beautiful, well-balanced skyline. Fortunately, this monstrosity won't be visible from the most common angle for skyline photographs (35W inbound).

    2. It's only going to dominate the skyline until the other buildings in that area are finished.

  3. Adventures of the Inept: Home Maintenance Division.

    Yesterday, I decided to buckle up and finally replace the filters on our home RO system (under-sink, kitchen variety). It's a PITA, so I've been avoiding it for like six months, even though the filters are "supposed" to be changed every, you know, six months (the sediment filter and carbon filter at Stage 1 and 2, anyway; I was also changing the RO membrane and the post-filter cartridge).

    Oy. So I drained the system. Struggled MIGHTILY to unscrew the housings for the two pre-stage filters, then sanitized those housings. Oh, yea, I'm supposed to sanitize the whole system once a year too. JOE SCHULTZ! That's an additional hour or longer, since you gotta remove the old RO membrane, put bleach in the empty housings for the pre-filters, reassemble everything without the filters or membrane, fill the system, let sit for half an hour, drain, refill, drain, refill, drain, refill, drain, refill, drain.

    Then put in the new filters and RO membrane and reassemble, fill and check for leaks. JOE SCHULTZ! One of the housings is leaking. It's now 7:30 p.m. (I started at 3:00; labor included a trip to Home Despot to acquire silicone lubricant, since I can't find my old tube) and the Mrs and I were gonna go out to dinner. Turn the system off, drain, and go to dinner. I think I need a new O-ring. We go to dinner (delicious Thai, thankyouverymuchforasking).

    Today, I go back to Home Despot, for the O-rings. No JOE SCHULTZing O-rings that will fit. Try OSH. The Intertubes tell me I need a "Standard 237". O-rings are labeled with JOE SCHULTZing non-informative labels. Why they hell can't we use STANDARD sizing for these freaking things? I buy the only ones that look like they might fit. Then I go to Tractor Supply and buy more O-rings that might fit. I'm now out about $5 for O-rings, hoping that something will fit.

    I get home, struggle to remove the housing, then remove the O-ring. Umm, did you clean the O-ring and lubricate with silicone grease before re-installing yesterday? JOE SCHULTZ no! O-ring appears to be undamaged and, of course, different from any of the O-rings that I purchased (all the purchased ones were round; this one is flat-cut). I clean, lubricate, and reinstall the old O-ring. Now recharging the system. No leaks. JOE SCHULTZing JOE SCHULTZ!

    I am too old for this home maintenance crap.

    1. This is nearly the exact same task I have all the materials for (filters, O-rings, lubricant, filter housing wrench, etc.) but have not tackled yet. They're whole-house filters, not RO, but same concept.
      After reading your post, even with all the necessary stuff in hand, I've decided I'm gonna put it off a while longer.

    2. In a year you won't have any water to run through that thing anyways, so why worry about it?

  4. For those of you with cable Sturgill Simpson from Coachella is on AXS right now!! Followed by Built to Spill.

    1. Speaking of, here's my view of Sturgill's show here in Austin on Easter.

      Edit: Dunno why it's sideways. I wasn't that drunk.

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