Game Log: St. Louis Blues @ Minnesota Wild, Game 3

I thought the Wild played well in both games in St. Louis, minus a few hiccups that didn't hurt them in game 1, but did in game 2.  The series is shaping up to be the close battle that everyone predicted it to be.

So now the series is in Minnesota and it's on the Wild to hold onto home-ice advantage.  Generally the Wild have been good at home under Mike Yeo in the playoffs (6-2 record in the last two playoff years), but the home record hasn't been exactly spectacular as the season finished.

The historical pessimism corner:

  • The Wild have never finished a home game with a series lead in franchise history.
  • The Wild are 9-15 in games following a playoff loss in their history.
  • The Wild are 10-17 in playoff games played in arenas where I have attended a hockey game.

52 thoughts on “Game Log: St. Louis Blues @ Minnesota Wild, Game 3”

  1. The X is absolutely electric right now. The roof might blow off if the Wild score a goal.

    1. Yeah, I've been watching the whole thing (but dealing with screaming, tired kids.) I never got that usual feeling where their kicking ass but can't get anything in until the other team scores.

  2. I love playoff hockey, but god, is it ever just a heart attack. I go 5-10 minutes at a time just pacing the floor, unable to look.

    1. Don't look now, but Anaheim-Winnepeg just went to OT. If you think normal Stanley Cup hockey is too much, man you're in trouble once OT hits.

  3. I'm really not used to seeing the Wild play pretty much entirely in their opponents zone.

    1. Unbelievable to see this complete of a game. This is probably the best game I've seen played.

        1. The nhl really, really needs to crack down on shit like that because guys like that are one of the difficulties in attracting the casual fan. (Imo. It's a big turnoff for me, anyway.)

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