2015 Game 19: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

After being thoroughly abused by the Tigers in Motown to open the season earlier this month, the felines come to the friendly confines of Target Field. Over 3 games, el Tigres shut down the Twinkies to a tune of 22-1. Just about how we were all expecting to start off the new season (even if we were hoping for something else).

The end of the inaugural month of baseball has found a bit more success, though we started with a very low bar. Somehow, the hometown team is only a couple games away from .500, and only (heh) 4.5 games out of first. After splitting the recent road trip, Minnesota comes back for an 11-game homestand, their longest of the season. Unfortunately, they'll open it up against the same 3 pitchers that toyed with them to start the year.

Of course, before you get too excited (seriously, what's wrong with you?), keep this little nugget from the Cornman in mind:

The team is last in the league in OBP, SLG, OPS (and perhaps obviously OPS+) and RBI, 14th out of 15 for BA and tied for last in Runs Scored. The Twins have a combined 36 extra base hits - 15 less than the league average.

Go team go!

Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins
(13-6)                                          (8-10)
Target Field
353 North Fifth Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
7:10 PM PDT

Game Previews
Minnesota Twins Official Game Notes

Detroit Tigers Starting Lineup
1. Kinsler, 2B
2. Iglesias, SS
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez, DH
5. Martinez, RF
6. Cespedes, LF
7. Avila, C
8. Perez, 3B
9. Gose, CF

Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Dozier, 2B
2. Hunter, RF
3. Mauer, 1B
4. Plouffe, 3B
5. Nunez, DH
6. Suzuki, C
7. Robinson, LF
8. Schafer, CF
9. Santana, SS

Probable Starting Pitchers
David Taylor Price
1-1, 3.28
Tomaso Anthony Milone
2-0, 3.38

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38 thoughts on “2015 Game 19: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Alfonzo Marques has a whole lot of chaw in his cheeks. gross.

    Also, that ball totally hit the bag.

    1. 3rd base ump ruled foul ball. Umps got together and ruled the ball hit the bag and awarded Dozier a double.

  2. Not that pitch count matters too much to Price, but the Twins have him over 50 after three innings.

  3. Been watching the R&R HOF induction (have I missed anything here?) and I have to say that there are also two I's in "Courtney Love" as well. What a leech.

    1. Seriously. Usually, the runner waits for the pitcher to deliver the ball before attempting a steal. Perhaps the Tigers are attpting to create a new market innefficiancy?

  4. Joe Mauer now 3rd on the Twins franchise doubles list with 313. Tony Oliva is next at 329. Kirby is 1 with 414.

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