Game 27: A’s vs. Twins

Chavez (0-2, 2.55 ERA, 4.13 xFIP) vs. May (2-1, 4.43 ERA, 3.56 xFIP)

Trevor May gets the start tonight against Jesse Chavez. A quick look at Fangraphs shows an interesting contrast between the two starters. On the one hand, we have May who's xFIP shows he's been a bit better than his ERA would indicate, pitching better since a not so good first start. Then there's Chavez who's xFIP indicates the opposite and who is coming off of a not so good start after a decent one, with also pitching decent out of the pen to start the year.

The Twins look to continue their win streak, aided by getting the right teams at the right time. Apparently, a four game series with the White Sox is what any struggling team needs to turn things around in the short term, and a scuffling A's team is a good help to keep it going.

I expect big things out of May tonight as he's getting start number five on cinco de mayo.

16 thoughts on “Game 27: A’s vs. Twins”

  1. Rochester scored ten runs in the top of the first inning against Indianapolis tonight.

    1. I'll let Mike describe the action after Bremer said that

      Mike Berardino ‏@MikeBerardino

      Bunting in the rain is extra hard.

      Schafer bunts foul. Strikes out.

      Santana pops up his bunt.

  2. Since there's no WIld thread, I'll ask here. Who has been more valuable to Chicago this series: Crawford, Kane, or Vanek?

  3. I can't blame him too much for conflating several groundskeepers, but Dick talking about past "vultures" in the Twins bullpen was thinking of Tony Fiore, not Joa Roa (who won all of 2 games).

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