Game 28 Recap: Twins 13, Athletics 0

Easy peasy.

You have a couple of games like this and you wonder why you can't have them all the time.  You shut the other team down, you score a bunch of runs yourself, and you cruise to an easy win.  Simple.

There were basically four players of the game, if you want to look at it that way.  One was Kyle Gibson.  I don't suppose you can call him dominant, but he was pretty good:  six shutout innings, four hits two walks.  Only one strikeout, but still, six shutout innings is six shutout innings.  Over his last three starts, he's gone twenty-one innings and given up two runs on thirteen hits and six walks.  That's top-notch pitching in anyone's book.  His ERA came down by nearly three runs in that span, which of course is a function of it still being early in the season but is still pretty impressive.

Eduardo Escobar was 3-for-5 with a home run and a double, driving in five.  I said yesterday that I didn't want him playing ahead of Rosario, and I don't, but I also said I like him, and I do.  Since hitting  a low of .146 on April 27, he's gone 10-for-30 and 6 for his last 11, raising his average to about eighty points.  It's still only .225, but that's a whole lot better than .146, and we can hope it'll keep rising.

Danny Santana was 3-for-4 and scored three times.  It wasn't that long ago we were hearing that he should be benched.  He started the season 0-for-12 and was hitting .195 on April 18.  Since then, he's hit .339, raising his average to .280.  He's not drawing walks (one all year), but when he's hitting like that no one cares.

And of course, Eddie Rosario made his debut and hit a home run on the first pitch he saw.  He didn't do anything else (although he nearly beat out a grounder in the sixth), but he didn't really need to.  Who knows what it means:  Kent Hrbek and Gary Gaetti homered in their first at-bats, but so did Rick Renick and Andre David.  Still, it was a great moment and a lot of fun to see.  We'd all love it if he played so well it made it hard for them to send him back down, but time will tell.  It always does.

So the Twins have won six out of seven.  They'll try to keep it going today as they play an afternoon game.  The Twins will send out Ricky "Almost Good" Nolasco against Drew Pomeranz.  Pomeranz pitched really well in limited duty last year, but hadn't done much before that.  This year, he was really good in his first start of the season, but hasn't done much since then.  On paper, it looks like it could be a high-scoring game.  This being baseball, it'll probably be 2-1.  Doesn't matter, as long as the Twins end up on the right side of the score which, of course, they will!  We're still on track for 149-13!

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  1. As I said last night, that was a really fun game to watch. I love it when this team is hitting and that catch by Schafer to end the game was awesome. They're only 2.5 game back. If they can continue to get decent-to-good production out of their offense and average-to-decent production out of their rotation, they may actually hold our collective attention past the all star break!

    1. they may actually hold our collective attention past

    2. they may actually hold our collective attention past the all star break!

      Its such a small request to have, but it woul dbe awesome if the Twins were in contention late August and September and the Vikings would have to slide to Page 3

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