Game 33: Twins at Tigers

Gibson (3-2, 2.97 ERA, 5.13 xFIP) vs. Simon (4-1, 3.44 ERA, 4.16 xFIP)

After a day off, the Twins get to head to Detroit for a series against the sometimes in first place, sometimes not Tigers. (currently not). Things haven't gone too swimmingly for the Twins against Detroit this year. Part of that could be things like letting Stauffer pitch to Cabrera (or anyone, but Cabrera especially). Of course, that can't happen this series.

Gibson looks to continue a pretty good start to his season. I am less optimistic he will tonight because it looks like he's been fairly lucky so far. He's striking pretty much no one out, even for a guy who doesn't really strike many guys out to begin with. That doesn't bode well if those FB's starting turning into HR's (6.5% HR/FB right now).

Fortunately, I think that first series of the season was the outlier for the Twin's offense, so it looks like they can, at least, score some runs against Tigers pitching.

I am assuming (hoping) Hicks will get the start tonight, although I can't seem to get any access to any lineup information because clicking "preview" on the Twins site sends me to season ticket information. Nice work guys.

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  1. I appreciate that Twins radio has been letting us hear the national anthem this year.

  2. How slow is Plouffe? It was a hit n run, double to the gap, and Plouffe is still at third

  3. I don't dislike Atteberry, but I wish he wouldn't try so hard sometimes. Maybe it's because he gets so few chances to do games, but I always feel like he's trying to show us how smart he is rather than just letting the game flow.

  4. Second and third, none out, and you don't even put the ball in play. That's...not good.

    1. I probably should refresh more often. It was a pretty easy call for the replay people.

  5. The Twins have scored 1 run at Comerica Park this season. It was an unearned run.

  6. Watching this game on and off around yardwork and supper. Gibson is looking really good. Hicks is pressing at the plate. Love to see a couple runs this inning.

  7. So, some accurate arms in center and right tonight. I don't think either throw home was caught in the dirt area around home plate.

  8. Blaine Boyer has been pitching ok of late. I offer my apology of wanting him gone from the team.

  9. Molly better not lose this game with Perkins sitting rested in the pen.

  10. So Molitor won't be using Perk in a non-save situation when he's had two days off. Ugh.

      1. He brought him into a tie-game in the 8th to face Moosetacos in KC with two outs (after the lead had been blown, not to start an inning). Stupid.

    1. Maybe he is waiting to see if the Cabrera/Martinez/Martinez three headed monster comes up again

    2. You act like you're surprised. I would be pleasantly surprised if he did. That's thinking way outside the box. I think he would be more willing to do it if he had a veteran reliever in the pen that could get the save if necessary. Plus a very right-handed heavy lineup, so Pressly and his 2.45 xFIP wasn't a poor choice. Perkins actually has a 3.17 xFIP fwiw.

      1. I'm not sure talking about an xFIP of 2.45 means much when Pressly has pitched under 10 innings.

        Also, "Pressly and his lifetime lifetime 4.16 xFIP wasn't a poor choice" isn't necessarily a statement I agree with.

        I do agree that it would be thinking way outside the box, but I've liked that Molitor has been willing to do just that.

  11. Twins made some nice adjustments on Simon. Six of his first eight outs were strikeouts, then none of his last 15. Too bad all those balls in play didn't turn into more hits. The reverse happened for Gibson. Five of his final six outs were strikeouts after just one of his first 15 were Ks.

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