Game 36: Twins hosting Rays. 7:10pm.

The Twins are coming of a disappointing series in Detroit, only winning 1 of 3 games. Overall I would say the season is a bit surprising on the good side. It just may by one of those deal where Detroit is a real bad matchup for us and they are going to win 14 games against us ever year.

The Twins come home to play Tampa. Phil Hughes starts for the Twins. Jake Odorizzi throws for the Rays. Odorizzi has an interesting transaction history as he has been part of two mega deals in 5 years. First the Zach Grienke to the Brewers trade (a trade decidedly in favor of the Royals) and the second trade was the Wil Myers/Ordorizzi to the Rays and the Royals get James Shields/Wade Davis. That trade seems to have worked out for both teams (Myers being spun off tot he Padres this past off season). Further down the road, it will be interesting to make a Odorizzi Trade Tree.

Go Twins Go.

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    1. I am really excited about Berrios, probably more than I have a right to be. I try to follow his games as they're happening, and whenever he lets someone on base, I feel like "Hey, what's up with that?" My irrational exuberance may lead to disappointment, but I'm hoping he'll be promoted to Rochester soon.

  1. I'm listening, so I can't see the visual, but (except when they're absolutely stupid), I like this aggressive base running style. SEND HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, there's the obligatory home run off of Hughes. It seems less disastrous when the Twins score before that happens.

  3. Odorizzi pitched in the spring training game I saw this March. The trick to getting to the bullpen on him is to play him early in spring training so that he's on an extremely short leash.

    1. Thus far this year, Escobar's metrics are about average in the OF, which of course means he's the second-best OF the Twins have (not counting Hicks). Schafer's are actually the worst.

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