Game 39: Twins @ Pirates

Ugh, Nolasco (3-1, 6.38 ERA, 4.85 xFIP) vs. F-Bomb (1-3, 2.96 ERA, 3.19 xFIP)

I am....not so confident in this matchup other than the fact that Nolasco gets to pitch against an NL team. I don't know, maybe it'll help make him less 'ugh' and more 'meh'?

I haven't paid much attention, but it looks like Liriano is generally pitching pretty well this year, striking dudes out all over the place. He does have a .215 BABIP, though, so he might be getting a bit lucky on the balls that make it out into the field. Hopefully that is the case and that average heads north a bit tonight.

In addition to a mid-season interleague matchup, the Wolves have their annual "playoff" tonight (7:30 on ESPN) in which they participate in a selection of ping-pong balls to determine which crappy team gets the good picks in the draft. This event will set off a solid month of speculating just which incorrect pick Flip will make. Should be fun!

32 thoughts on “Game 39: Twins @ Pirates”

  1. This could be my nightmare. Liriano dominates, Nolasco implodes. But Liriano is proving my Liriano Rule!!
    Paula's Lirano Rule*: If he walks a guy, consider pulling him. If he gives up a run, for the love of all that is holy, pull him!!!!
    *This is for the Twins. Opposing teams, please follow the opposite.

  2. Ugh, back in blackout territory. Watching the Reds-Royals instead. Cueto and Ventura are both cruising in the early going.

  3. That should have been runners interference. Kang was nowhere near second base when he took out Santana.

    1. FSN just showed a better replay of that play, and how did the umpire miss that? jeeze

        1. No, he won't. Using K:BB ratio is more inaccurate as the walk rate gets lower and it doesn't reflect reality as well as K-BB difference. Boyer is in Blackburn territory, except as a reliever.

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