2015 Game 44: Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins – Memorial Day Edition

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and agreeable Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure there will be plenty of pomp and spectacle during the actual game, but whenever you get a chance today, maybe take a moment and quietly reflect on the holiday and those whose memory it honors.

I was thinking about trying to make yesterday's game in Chicago, but other vague plans (which didn't materialize) and threat of weather kept us away.  A shame as it would have been a good one.

Anyway, now that the Twins aren't playing Chicago, I can actually watch them again.  Score.  They leave the Prairie State with a 4-1 road trip in their back pocket, and six games at home in front of them, where they've enjoyed a .700 record (2nd in the AL).

They'll open up that homestand with 3 games against the 3rd place Red Sox.  Someone posted a link recently that mirrored the exasperation this team has been causing me.  They're just not supposed to be this good, you know?  Regardless, I will continue to cautiously watch, and enjoy the ride.

Happy Memorial Day, you guys.

Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins
(21-23)                                          (25-18)
Target Field
353 North Fifth Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1:10 PM PDT

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Minnesota Twins Official Game Notes
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Boston Red Sox Starting Lineup
1. Pedroia, 2B
2. Betts, CF
3. Ortiz, DH
4. Ramirez, LF
5. Sandoval, 3B
6. Napoli, 1B
7. Bogaerts, SS
8. Nava, RF
9. Swihart, C

Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Dozier, 2B
2. Hunter, RF
3. Mauer, 1B
4. Plouffe, 3B
5. Suzuki, C
6. Escobar, SS
7. Nunez, DH
8. Rosario, LF
9. Hicks, CF

Probable Starting Pitchers
Joseph William Kelly
1-3, 5.13
Carlos Enrique Nolasco
4-1, 6.00

64 thoughts on “2015 Game 44: Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins – Memorial Day Edition”

  1. I have a niece and nephew (and I'm assuming, brother) at the game today. Here's hoping Nolasco is a little wild and plunks Pedrosa a couple several times.

  2. Torii hasnt been as bad as i was expecting/sort of hoping. I think I'm mostly over it, though I'll beore than happy to mock him when the opportunity allows.

    And now Pedroia robs him of a hit. I know I dont like that.

      1. He did.

        He's still not particularly good (I would say he'd be better as a DH, though that will most assuredly never happen), but as long as he's not going to retire, he may as well get an ocasional base hit.

          1. DRS has him at -7 for the year so far, projected to -30 if he keeps it up.

            Josh Willingham's worst season for the Twins was -13 over just shy of 120 games.

            Delmon had the same over about 150 games.

            Torii is a horrible fielder these days.

    1. speaking of which, I'm marinating chicken thighs in a greek-style marinade (garlic, oregano, dill, a pinch of crushed red pepper, salt, lemon zest, lemon juice, lime juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil) to grill later, along with Anaheim peppers. On the side: boiled red creamer potatoes tossed in a lemony vinaigrette and a salad with the same vinaigrette.

        1. I got my outdoor stove from my parents' house this weekend. It's a little gloomy, but I'll be damned if that's gonna stop me. Got brats and a pot of beans getting ready to go on.

              1. I love the hih-tech approach to heating the beans.

                except that the interior of that can is probably coated with plastic....

                1. Turns out, yes, it was. I won't be making that mistake again.

                  One the other hand, I'm not dead yet. Which, really, is all any of us could say.

  3. Always amused when a pop-up is hit around the pitcher's mound that the pitcher usually shows no interest in actually catching it. I don't think Nolasco moved whatsoever after finishing his delivery for Sandoval's pop-up.

  4. Keep it going, Twins. We've got Nolasco pitching. I'm not comfortable that seven runs is enough.

    1. I'm confident that Nolasco will be on a short leash, but then it's on to the "ripe for regression" bullpen.

      So yeah, keep it up, hitters!

    1. I'm listening, not watching, but it seems like, with Hunter running with the crack of the bat, he should've had a chance to score on that. Was it a really hard-hit ball, did Hunter get a poor jump, or is he just that slow now?

      1. It was hard hit line drive type ball. Hit hard off the fence and a good bounce to the defense.

  5. The Twins minor league Players of the Week have been posted now. Some pretty good performances.

  6. Gladden references Nolasco needing to have a "shutdown inning". I think one way or another, it will be. Either he'll shut down the Red Sox or he'll be shut down for the day.

  7. Have been listening on the ear buds while staining the deck posts, and I've got to say it was so cool hearing Bruno and crew explode on the dugout mic when Plouffe hit his HR.

    Also, Provus & Dazzle are SO much more tolerable when the Twins are playing winning baseball.

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