Game 45: Red Sox at Twins

Bucholz (2-5, 4.58 ERA, 3.12 xFIP) vs. Big Pelf (3-1, 3.00 ERA, 4.74 xFIP)

The Twins take on the Red Sox tonight holding second place in the AL Central all by themselves. Many articles have been written about how crazy it is, and in the spirit of that craziness, the Twins turn to the Big Pelf himself to keep up his recent resurgence to help once again vanquish the Red Sox, who play in the crappy AL East.

It'd be nice if the Twins can get some early offense AND some late offense. Its nice their getting runs in bunches, but games that start out with six or seven runs just don't feel all that comfortable when they aren't adding any insurance.

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  1. The twitter machine says the Twins look for about an 8:30 start time tonight due to the rain.

  2. Denard Span, sporting some grey on his beard, just blasted a home run against the Cubs. Game on ESPN

  3. Currently assembling my downstairs recovery bed; I feel like the convict forced to build his gallows, except I'll be spending considerably more time in mine.

  4. So this site is quite addicting. I've added those games just off the top of my head. I have a bunch of scorebooks in storage to use to add games.

  5. It's been a while since I've seen Clay Bucholz, but... he's clearly using meth, right?

    1. I mean, I thought they were still in a rain delay and broadcasting an old horror movie...

        1. The weird thing is that Jack Morris got all GOMLy about him a few years ago for throwing a spitball against the Blue Jays, yet today he has an absurdly obvious gob of crap on his left wrist. I realize it was rainy, but two pitchers just got suspended for using a foreign substance and he's not even bothering to remotely hide it.

        1. It's nice to have a home team that's good to the point that I prefer to stay here and watch them. In the last four seasons, a perfect game through even just four innings would have stolen me away pretty quickly.

          1. I'm blacked out, or I would be watching the hometown nine*. In such cases, Vin Scully is my first choice fallback. Combined with Kershaw's performance thus far, it has my full attention.

            *kinda a weird feeling that I can say that now

          2. To be fairer, I was watching the Giants at Brewers, then switched back to the Doggers game for a minute and noticed that the Twins game was still on. Kershaw's no-no didn't even register.

        2. Dodgers are having a big inning at the plate. Hopefully Kershaw isn't getting tight in the dugout.

          As I write that, Kershaw helps himself with an RBI single.

    1. Boyer has a 5.05 xRA (statcorner). His FIP (4.06) and xFIP (4.25) are ok, however. Huh. But a K/9 under 4? Good lord.

      1. Not okay anymore. Decrease in scoring means the league average FIP for 2014 AL was 3.79. And as reliever, it should be closer to 3.60 just to be average.

        1. ah. thanks. I meant "ok as in not atrocious," but wasn't aware of the average for relievers.

      1. I know, just being funny. They're outplaying expectations, and that's kind of fun.

  6. ERAs of the three pitchers used in tonight's game after they pitched: 2.77, 2.28, 1.25. That's how you win a 2-1 game. Twins won a pitchers' duel with Mike Pelfrey against Boston's best pitcher. Now we've got Hughes tomorrow.

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