37 thoughts on “Game 47???? Blue Jays at Twins.”

  1. Dustin Morse ‏@Twins_morsecode
    The @Twins hope to start tonight's game at 8:10pm. (Rain)

    1. I just turned it on here and was confused as to why the game was starting so late. If it were in Toronto, it would be starting earlier, not later!

  2. The little brother and his fiancee are at the ballpark right now. I dropped them off at the light rail a bit ago. They're our first overnight guests at our new place.

  3. Jays with a Pillar in center. *checks his fielding* Darn, he is anything but that.

  4. I think the rain filled air is keeping these hard hit balls hit by the Twins in the ballpark.

      1. Was Taco Bell thinking of sponsoring a rule? If so, that seems like the one for them!

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