24 thoughts on “May 30, 2015: Full Ballot Box”

  1. Heading home this morning. Pain level is still good, and with the walker I walk more than Danny Santana already. Now comes time to get into a good daily routine.

    Thanks again for all the thoughts and well wishes.

    1. Best wishes rhubarb. Incidentally, I introduced miss SBG to rhubarb pie the other day. Damn it's good.

        1. someone revise that pie chart!

          Legend: (1) Pie I have eaten noticed; (2) Pie I have not yet eaten noticed.

  2. I would like to give a good hearty shout out to Chrysler filled with many, many swear words after replacing the factory stereo in my wife's Pacifica with an aftermarket deck. What normally takes about an hour (time spent on the wiring harness included) took me almost six. I had to run wires from the frickin front of the car all the way to the back for the speakers because, in their infinite wisdom, Chrysler put a crappy damn amplifier in the back and the adapter for it costs over $100.

    I think it's bhiggum that has one of these things. I recommend not letting your wife talk you into wanting a stereo with an auxiliary hook up.

    1. And in the end, something with the new stereo caused the battery to die, so I had to put the factory one back in. Ugh.

      1. I put CD players in my first two cars. After that I decided whatever it came with was fine.

          1. Cars nowadays, sure, you can (almost have to) do that with their fancy head units. Car comes with just a cassette deck, that needs to be replaced. Most cars, though, made it pretty easy to do. To further that point and this tale, I had purchased a double DIN unit for my wife since the factory unit was that size. Of course, it didn't quite fit because the factory unit is actually slightly smaller. So, I took the single DIN unit out of my car and put it in hers and put the double DIN in mine. It literally took me 20 minutes to remove my old one, wire up the new harness and install the new one into my car. And I have a Volkswagen.

        1. I put in a CD player in an 90 Toyota Camry, and have since decided that NPR is just fine. I'll switch to wwoz after the news if I'm driving.

    2. I did the opposite- I replaced the cheap aftermarket deck mine had with a OEM version, which was terrible because of the butchered wire harness the guy before me had installed. Luckily, I'm not as much of a completionist as you. I got the front speakers working and called it good.

      Then we traded it in on an F-150 like two months later. A ton of nagging little issues I was tired of band-aiding (so, so many issues) and 225,000 miles on it (not sure how it kept going, but still- screw Chrysler).

      1. To be fair to the guy, a mangled harness is the only way to install an aftermarket deck on that thing. I'd also like to know his secret to preventing it from draining the battery.

  3. It took two false starts, but as of now the site is switched over to HHVM. The short version of why: the site is three times faster. Loading the game log with the most LTEs (527) went from three seconds to one second. There are still other things slowing down overall load times (such as the number and size of all the images), but it does feel noticeably faster.

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