Game 50.1: Twins at Red Sox

Big Pelf (4-1, 2.77 ERA, 4.50 xFIP) vs. Bucholz (2-6, 4.33 ERA, 3.15 xFIP)

Well this all feels pretty familiar. I feel like I just previewed this pitching match up last Tuesday. That particular contest was shockingly both a pitcher's duel and won by the Pelfster. It'd be pretty great if they Twins could just score a bunch of runs on Bucholz this time and completely avoid having to rely on a 2-1 victory.

Of course, I do see some more rain in the forecast, so who knows if this game will happen or suffer the same fate as Monday's game, the poor bastard.

12 thoughts on “Game 50.1: Twins at Red Sox”

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