2015 Game 53: Twins at Red Sox

The Twins have already won the season series, but hey, let's take one more from this supreme disappointment of a team (and division).

Tommy Milone vs. Steven Wright. Milone returned to the Twins today, as we suspected he might, and apparently the Sawks don't do well against lefties. Wright didn't make the majors until two years ago at age 29, so he has limited long-term potential, but is serviceable. His K rate has been pretty good at every stop, he makes a lot of deadpan jokes under his frizzy baldish afro, and he walks a few as well. He's thoroughly average in every other way I can see.

Alright, let's keep this unlikely season going.

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  1. Anyone watching the game? Listening? I've just got gameday... 2 infield singles? Were these weak things?

    1. I have the Astros-Orioles tied at two, bases loaded, one out, bottom 7 on.

      I'll switch after this game.

      Now two out, Altuve up.

        1. And Jones just crushed a hanging breaking ball to give Baltimore a 3-2 lead.

      1. How about these subsequent ones? Looks like bad defense and weak contact via gameday, but maybe that's now how it is?

  2. Could do with some of those strikeouts Milone found in Rochester. I think he has Slama Syndrome. Dominates AAA but leaves all of the strikeouts in AAA.

    1. Milone came into the game with 513 career innings and a 97 ERA+. Not a AAAA pitcher. That's pretty much a No. 3 or 4 starter. Two years ago, he's the Twins' ace. Slama only had 7 IP in the majors and walked 7 batters.

      1. Much of that with the A's that have a cavernous ballpark and better fielding. He had a 4.17 FIP with the A's and now a 6.10 FIP with the Twins. In 186.2 innings in AAA he had a 9.2 K/9 and 1.4 BB/9. The K rate did not transition whatsoever. That's the comparison to Slama: dominating in the minors but there's something missing that's not reflected in the stats that prevents him from having a K/9 even close to the minor league numbers.

    1. Back when I played Triple Play 2002, I threw at Sammy Sosa constantly. The game was notoriously easy to master, but Sosa hit me ALL. THE. TIME. He'd hit a homer, and the next time he batted I'd throw one at his head. AI hadn't been applied to the umps, apparently, because I never got ejected.

    1. Yeah, maybe that'll turn the day around. It's been easy to slip into the malaise of previous years when they get down, but this team has some resiliency.

  3. When are we going to discuss the giant elephant in the room, namely that

    Actual Spoiler SelectShow


      1. I feel like it's been mostly ignored as we hope it ends. I'm getting to the point where I don't think it's going to change again.

          1. I'm still in the "hopeful he'll turn it around" camp. He's got too many years of being very, very good at baseball for me to not give him some benefit of the doubt.

            The pessimistic side of me, however, worries that he's never going to be the same hitter because of the concussion(s).

            1. I think I fall into the "he's past his prime, I'm hoping for extended stretches of good baseball still" camp. My kids are still excited by him, and I want them to stay that way for a while.

              1. Oh yeah, I don't expect him to put up numbers like he did five-six years ago. I do remain hopeful that he can still be an on base machine, though.

                More concerning to me, and this is something I've been pondering the last couple days, is the organization's see ming refusal to keep bats with pop on the big club. I'm starting to wonder if maybe we were wrong-ish about Gardy's scrubini fixation and maybe he was just made that way because of the shit he was given over the years. With Molitor as manager, we're still seeing power bats being almost shunned and stuck in AAA while the scrubs get chance after chance.

  4. so, if the Twins are gonna score, it has to be now, right? Dozier Dinger would be nice.

    1. I leave work around 3:45 pm. By 4pm I'd turned on my book on CD. Then I checked the score when I walked home...

      1. Dazzle started maniacally cackling during Provus's call of the bunt when it got by Panda. I was driving home trying to figure out what happened but for once it wasn't because Dazzle was unable to describe action - instead, it was because LOLz Sawks.

        1. Heh, that was pretty funny. Also, IIRC, I wouldn't say he was homer-ish. Both of them openly admitted it was a bad bunt and the error was the only reason it worked.

          1. Of course, no one remembers the Sox shouldn't have had two runs in the second because of bad base running except that Plouffe dropped the Mauer's throw, which was a great heads-up play by Mauer.

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