13 thoughts on “June 4, 2015: Let’s Clean This Up”

    1. On the one hand, I've seen them seven times and the show is pretty much the same now as then. On the other hand, I wanted to say goodbye to Mick and the boys and thank them for all the joy I've received by listening to their music. So, I was kind of sad that I wasn't there.

      If I was any kind of Gopher fan, I'd be snapping up one of those tongue shirts with the Gopher teeth. Instead, I might drop a Father's Day hint for the spoon and cherry tongue shirt.

      1. I saw one where it was Goldy's head with the tongue but that must have been an unofficial one someone made. I like the loon logo as well. For how much it rained beforehand it turned out to be a good show. TCF is nice, though the speaker setup wasn't ideal for our location.

  1. Can of Corn and I finally fit in our second game of cribbage. It was a good pair of games; the first was a nip-and-tuck affair with me leading at the end, and in the second, he led all the way until I got a fortuitous couple of hands at the end to head to the final four.

    Unless I missed results, this is what we need to move forward:

    Zee German vs. cheaptoy
    AMR vs. rpz

  2. _elm_n just missed a throw to the plate by about 20ft up the third base line. Nearly into the dugout on the fly.

    Edit: I should also mention this allowed the Astros to take a one run lead.

  3. Working on ending a second day of nausea; which puts a damper on all the good recovery progress otherwise.

    Runner daughter sent results of least sex accent: #1 Gungan

  4. On the grill tonight, chicken shawarma. I fired up the grill and laid the coals down for indirect cooking, put the chicken and marinade in an ovenproof dish and cooked it over the cool spot on the grill. At the end, I charred up some of the red onion, and fried the shit out of the chicken. Once inside to rest the chicken, I put the rest of the marinade into a pan and caramelized the onion in the juice. I then sliced the chicken and tossed it in the pan with the onion and pan sauce. Oh. Em. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee ee ee ee e e e e e. I also toasted some pita bread over the hot-as-all-get-out portion of the grill. Served with garden fresh cucumbers, and trader joe's spicy hummus.

    Yeah, baby.

    1. Next weekend we will be doing car camping in Minnesota with the extended family+friends. We do a new MN state park each year. This year we will be camping at Savanna Portage State Park (up by McGregor). We've been doing this now for 18 years.

      As a tradition, NBBW and I do Saturday dinner. The fun thing is to make something with options for the kids (they have to decide). It's really been fun to see them struggle to decide, as their mom's have always made their choices for them.

      Me: So, Roger, do you want mustard, or mayonnaise?
      Roger: Ummmmm, mustard. Wait - no, mayonnaise.

      This year I am planning to do Shawarma Bar. I plan to pre-cook all the meat and peppers, and make the sauces in advance, and re-heat them at the camp grill.

      Choices: Chicken, lamb, or falafel. White sauce or Spicy Red Sauce (or both). Need to be able to heat the pita/naan on the grill without burning it.

      I'll check out the Trader Joe's hummus referenced by meat.

    2. sounds pretty awesome, meat.

      Me: it's Vegan Weekend, what with The Girl graduating. We had veggie burgers and Anaheim peppers on the grill, plus corn-on-the-cob and a tomato salad. Tomorrow is a 6:00 graduation, so catch-as-catch can during the afternoon. Saturday, I'll be making a warm potato salad (citrusy, mustardy vinaigrette) and who knows what else. Sunday will be bagels w/vegan cream cheese, fruit, grilled veggies.

      On Monday, however, I'm smoking a pork butt to go with pinto beans and tortillas.

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