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    2. I haven't listened to hardly any new music this year. Looking through the previous nominations, I'll have to make sure this is on the list.

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      1. Either that or

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        Neither is exactly new music, but I thoroughly enjoy them both.

        1. New music isn't a requirement. Heck, familiar music is probably best for a summer mix. To my mind, there needs to be a sing-a-long quality, and familiarity helps with that.

          Also, I like your selections.

        1. Is inclusion in last year's list grounds for exclusion this year? I can re nominate if that's the case.

          1. I'd prefer new music - Scot put together a Spotify list of last years selections that still gets playtime in my cube.

  1. I am mad I posted my three songs before, and there's none I really want to remove, because

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  2. For your enjoyment - Bonnaroo Bests:

    The country music establishment still doesn't know exactly what to do with Sturgill Simpson. Really, his fantastic, dynamic afternoon set would only complicate the matter. He and his band came out to "Run the Jewels" by Run the Jewels before launching into the hard honky-tonk of "Life of Sin" (bass player Kevin Black wore a shirt that said "BOOM BAP"). The band let rave-y triangles pulse on the screen behind them for "Sitting Here Without You" and iTunes visualizer-style EQ lines pulsed for "Long White Lines." An outlaw to the outlaws, Sturgill's the only cowboy in New Balance sneakers.
    -Daniel Kreps, Christopher Weingarten, Patrick Doyle


    "Let's burn this fucking tent down!" he announced toward the end of a 75-minute set, driven forward by the one-two punch of Simpson's backwoods bark and the honky-tonk horsepower of what may be the finest backing band in contemporary country.

    It was a ferocious performance, with particular kudos going to guitar wiz kid Laur Joamets, a nominee for best instrumentalist at the upcoming Americana Awards, and Simpson himself, whose "Turtles All The Way Down" — punctuated by the infamous line "Marijuana, LSD, psilocybin and DMT/ they all changed the way I see" — could double as the official theme song for a festival rooted in hippie culture.
    -Andrew Leahey

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