Game 78: Twins at Reds

A very early game today! Perfect for some lunch time fun.

MIN: May (4-6, 4.62)
CIN: Cueto (4-5, 2.98

1. Dozier 2B
2. Nunez SS
3. Rosario RF
4. Plouffe! 3B
5. Vargas 1B
6. Herrmann C
7. Santana CF
8. Robinson LF
9. May P

(Ahh what the hell? Somehow this lineup will probably work)

1. Phillips 2B
2. Votto 1B
3. Frazier 3B
4. Bruce RF
5. Pena C
6. Byrd LF
7. Suarez SS
8. Cueto P
9. Hamilton CF

Go tWINs

39 thoughts on “Game 78: Twins at Reds”

  1. The words "bunt" and "popped" are very, very ugly when they exist in the same sentence.

    1. Yeesh - [edit]
      For something that even pitchers are often asked to do in their at-bats, you'd think that a position player shouldn't have so much trouble getting one in play.

      1. I can see where bunting for a hit could be hard. A sacrifice bunt, where basically all you have to do is get the ball on the ground and not directly back to the pitcher, should not be a difficult thing for a major league batter to do.

  2. Is May trying to get as many pitches in as he can before he loses his starting spot?

  3. Votto walked, Hamilton to third, Phillips to second, Hamilton scored on throwing error by catcher Herrmann.

    Wait, what?

      1. If it was Hermann's fault, I feel comfortable saying that this isn't really his best day.

        1. Berardino surmised that Wendelstedt's ball four call may have been late ... still appears that Herrrmmmmannn was at fault.

              1. That would be at least a bit more defensible. I had visions of him overthrowing May to allow Hamilton to score.

    1. 3-2 count, runners going, borderline pitch called ball but Herrmann threw to third anyways and airmailed the throw to left. I had no problem attempting to throw, but the throw was just bad. It's more frustrating because Hamilton would have had third on the walk, but a major league catcher can't be afraid to throw the ball to a base, especially third.

  4. Though it ended up well, both bunt attempts by Dozier & Nunez were about par for the course TWINS BASEBALL!! ... sheesh.

    However, the ground out by Eddie produced RBI #18 (in 44 games).

    1. Let's just dub this "The Bremer Cheaptoy/Rhu_Ru/CanofCorn Game". So many keys comments.


  5. Graham in, batting sixth. Suzuki enters at catcher. Your emergency catcher is Escobar, btw.

            1. One could hit for Graham and one for Sanata. But they won't need to because Plouffe and Vargas are going back-to-back.

              1. Yeah ... they had the wrong fellas identified as "Due up" and I ran with it before looking at the lineup.

  6. The pitch tracker suggests Wendelstedt's strike zone has been wonky all day ... hearing anything about it on the broadcast?

  7. May didn't have a great game, and may be the one moving from the rotation when Santana gets here, but he's not getting a lot of help.
    Of his 7 losses, 4 have been by 2 runs or fewer and in 5 of them, the Twins have scored 2 or fewer runs. Even 1 of his 3 wins included only 2 runs of support.

    1. As long as May goes to the bullpen, I have no problem with that. He would probably have the most success as a reliever and could be what the Twins were hoping to get from Meyer. It may be that the guy that gets taken out of the rotation is because he is the guy the bullpen needs more than the guy that's pitching the worst, in which case it might be Tommy Milone moved to the bullpen because Thompson has been struggling. Got his one guy today, but still struggled to locate pitches. A couple of them weren't close and forced him to go 3-2 in a critical situation.

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