62 thoughts on “Game 81: Twins at Royals–The Half-way Point”

  1. Sano hits the ball so hard, he doesnt give a chance for runners to score from second base.

    1. It feels like it's been forever since anyone's been able to say that about a Twins hitter.

  2. Double plays are cool. At least when we turn them, rather than hitting into them.

        1. His nickname was buck-ninety. And that power helped him be a replacement level hitter. Herrmann is much worse.

  3. I'm sitting at a park in Janesville waiting for the worst part of independence day: trying to get home after fireworks. A large part of me is hoping the kids really dislike the loud and we can leave early.

      1. I have had some Damn good beers this weekend though, so I suppose it could be worse.

    1. And Mrs. Runner and I are waiting for the worst part of Independence Day: watching A Capitol Fourth on TV and entertaining a frightened dog while neighbors launch all manner of ground-to-air missles

      1. Coincidentally that's what we're doing here, only multiply the frightened dog by 4.

    2. I got my wish. Had to leave just about as soon as the fireworks started. I didn't have to deal with any traffic whatsoever.

  4. I don't know whether I'm starting to believe in smoke-n-mirrors, or maybe Blaine Boyer is growing on me.

  5. 81 games in the book
    5 games above .500
    3.5 game back of first place
    not bad. not bad at all.

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