57 thoughts on “Game 87. Tigers at Twins.”

    1. I gotta admit, I don't really understand your fascination with intentionally trying to injure people with potentially lethal projectiles.

      1. Carries over from Strat-O-Matic days. A HBP is as good as a BB, and fewer pitches, too!

        Not sure why you believe I'm wanting to injure anyone -- these guys all have major league plunkable backsides.

  1. Things getting interesting. Suzuki doesn't move from the HBP to score the run. Winning run at the plate now.

  2. Just came over to say ......

    'Spoiler' SelectShow
  3. Holy cow. I can't believe what I just heard. That was awesome. And that is under stating it

  4. Just insanity here. The most fun moment I've attended since the end of game 163. I called it before the Santana at bat to my brother.

      1. Nope sadly not me. Random jerseys I saw today :

        Diamond, _elm_n, Blackburn, and Michael Bennett (Vikings).

    1. I told my brother they had an eight run inning in them. That was my first ever walk off home run I've attended.

    2. I "called it," I guess you could say, but I was mostly just making jokes about the coolest things that could happen. When Suzuki-Santana were up, I shrugged and said "he'll have to get hit by a pitch. It's his best case scenario at this point of his career. And Dozier will bail us out with the home run."

      I rarely see home runs period for some reason, and I've never seen a walk-off. I actually can't remember any walk-off hits, period, that I've ever seen in person, though it has to have happened.

    1. Didn't even think of that - pretty cool. I just hope they didn't use all their series bullets in the 9th ... first Twins game for Kernel & Niblet tomorrow.

  5. Also at the game. Spent several innings BSing with cheap (didn't see Will's message until he was gone)

    Best game I've ever been to. Nothing comes close.

    1. That last inning and a half was so much fun. We also sat in the wrong section when we went back down so we weren't near those terrible fans.

      Also, my throat is a little scratchy now.

  6. I was watching this game at the bar and it was 6-0
    I got in the car 2 hours later and the post game show was still on I thought that was odd. Then they said the Twins scored 7 in the 9th and I was like whoa.

    1. Same source:

      Brian Dozier is the 1st @Twins player with multiple walk-off HR in a week since Roy Sievers in 1958 (when they were the Senators).

  7. I came this close to turning the game off. Instead, since I was watching online delayed for a couple hours, so I just watched the Twins' half of each inning, which, of course, got me through the game very quickly until the 9th. I can't remember winning a game trailing by 5 or more runs. 5 is such a magic number because you have to score at least 1 run before you can bring the tying run to the plate. As the inning kept going, I figured the whole goal for the Twins should be to get Dozier to the plate (although it would have been funny if Santana homered instead of singled to leave Dozier on deck). What shouldn't be lost in all the excitement is the Twins' bullpen shutting out the Tigers for five innings. Also, the Twins clinched a winning homestand.

    1. I was at that game, too! Alex Rios's throw to end the game was hilarious. It ended up about 50 feet away from home plate.

  8. I can't remember if it was this one or not, but I remember a similar game against the White Sox. I remember them being down 6-1 and coming back and winning, but I remember the score being 8-6.

    1. Wow, I didn't think it was that long ago, but I think this is the game I was thinking of.

  9. I noticed it last night, but watch the replay of Dozier's home run and pay attention to the stairs about half way up.

      1. Here's the video. Assuming this is what the other three mention, go to 1:49 and focus halfway up the stairs on the left side for a guy in a blue shirt and dark shorts.

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