Game 88: tigers @ twins

Wow. Don't give up on the Twins, eh? Or if you do, don't give up on them in the 7th inning, when you've already invested just under two hours in the game. I mean, the Orange is the New Black finale was good, but...

Anyway, today, we've got Alfredo Simon taking on Phil Hughes. Simon has crafted an acceptable followup to his AllStar campaign last season, whereas our man Phil seems to be pitching quite a better better as of late (though those strikeout numbers are still down. Get 'em up, Phil!)

Prediction: Twins 7, Tigers 1

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Offensive rWAR: Brian Dozier - 9th (3.2)*
Slugging Percentage: Brian Dozier - 10th (.521)
Games Played: Joe Mauer - t-6th (86)**
Games Played:
Brian Dozier- t-6th (86)**
At Bats: Brian Dozier - 2nd (340)
Plate Appearances: Brian Dozier - 3rd (384)
Runs Scored: Brian Dozier - t-1st (66)
Total Bases:
Brian Dozier - t-4th (177)
Doubles: Brian Dozier - t-2nd (26)
Doubles: Trevor Plouffe - t-7th (22)
Triples: Danny Santana - t-10th (4)
Home Runs: Brian Dozier - t-7th (19)
Singles: Joe Mauer - t-9th (65)**
Runs Created: Brian Dozier - 9th (61)
XBH: Brian Dozier - 1st (48)
Sacrifices: Danny Santana - t-1st (6)***
Sacrifices: Brian Dozier - t-6th (5)****
Intentional Walks: Joe Mauer - 3rd (10)**
Double Plays Grounded Into: Trevor Plouffe - 1st (15)
Double Plays Grounded Into: Joe Mauer - t-4th (12)**
Power/Speed: Brian Dozier - 4th (12.2)*****
Outs Made: Brian Dozier - t-2nd (263)
WPA: Joe Mauer - 7th (2.0)**

Brian Dozier. Not an all star.

* He's 8th in the AL in fWAR. Neither Fangraphs, nor bbref seem too keen on his defense.

** Wimp

*** Interesting bit, there. The major league lead for sacrifices is 7. There's a good chance that the record for fewest sacrifices by the league leader will be broken two years in a row. (The record is 13, set last year)

**** ????

***** I have always loved this stat. It's fairly stupid, and doesn't tell you a great deal, but it's fun.



rWAR For Pitchers: Kyle Gibson - 8th (2.8)*
BB/9: Phil Hughes - 1st (0.887)
Games Pitched: Blaine Boyer - t-1st (41)
Games Pitched: Aaron Thompson - t-1st (41)**
Saves: Glen Perkins - 1st (28)
Complete Games: Phil Hughes - t-5th (1)***
Home Runs Allowed: Phil Hughes - 1st (21)
Hits Allowed: Phil Hughes - 2nd (127)
K/BB: Phil Hughes - 3rd (6.09)
HR/9: Mike Pelfrey - 5th (0.546)
Losses: Trevor May - t-7th (10)
Hit By Pitch: Mike Pelfrey - t-5th (7)****
Games Finished: Glen Perkins - 2nd (33)

* He's the Twins' leader in fWAR, too...but he's 36th in the league with a 0.9. Smoke and mirrors...

** Not for long

*** Lame. I hope he throws a complete game today. One complete game can't get you on a leaderboard.

**** Two of them in one game, three in another

58 thoughts on “Game 88: tigers @ twins”

  1. Does anyone else think there's been more complaining about balls and strikes this year than ever before? Not to say it isn't justified, it just seems like there's been more of it.

  2. He didn't come out and say it, but Provus sounded like Santana should've had that one. Any thoughts?

  3. If only we had a better batter than Suzuki coming up right now. Well, maybe the blind squirrel will find an acorn.

      1. He also has a very low line drive % and is slow. His BABIP is right around the midpoint of his past five years. I don't think "luck" is the right word.

        1. Right. Last year was an anomaly in BABIP for him. For 2010-2013, he had BABIPs of .245, .244, .269, and .245, respectively. His current .251 BABIP is right in line with that history. Not luck. It's who he is. He hits a lot of ground balls and is really slow, and he lacks power (his HR/FB ratio is atrocious -- under 5 pct each year 2012-present; in comparison, Joe "doesn't hit for pauer" Mauer has never had a season with a HR/FB ratio under 5.1 pct, and is right at his career rate of 10 pct this year).

          1. I would also point out that Suzuki has been swinging more at pitches, both out of the strike zone (28.6 pct so far this year, up from 24 pct last year and 26.3 pct for his career) and in the zone (62.1 pct this year compared to 59 pct last year and 59.4 pct career) and that last year he was well above his career rate of contact on pitches swung at out of the zone (79.2 pct last year, compared to 75 pct this year and 75.2 pct career), using pitch f/x data.

            He's never been a good fastball hitter (last year was basically a career best against fastballs, and he still was below average), and that has continued this year.

      1. Below me right now I count :

        Hunter 8
        Mauer 20
        Dozier 8
        Perkins 4
        Miguel Cabrera 5
        And, weirdest of all, one Allen Craig.

  4. I don't know if it was a good baserunning play by Sano, but assuming he had a decent chance, I like aggressive baserunning.

      1. Didn't have much of a chance, but decent chance Mauer was going to be out at home

  5. Game seeming to be in hand, gutters cleaned, I'm gonna go fall asleep listening to the radio. This is a good day.

    1. Got away with leaving him in, thanks to what apparently was a bad third strike call, but I'm still not convinced it was the right decision.

    1. The graphic showed there was the tiniest bit of a gap between the ball and the edge of the strike zone. It wasn't nearly as egregious a call as the FOX guy color analyst was saying it was and certainly wasn't worth getting ejected from the game for. If I was coaching, I'd tell my player that it was too close to be taking, but I think Victor Martinez just got froze by the curveball.

  6. Question: when a DH is ejected, do you have to name a substitute right away, or can you wait until his turn comes up in the batting order?

    1. I saw the ump writing something down. My guess is you have to. I mean, you have to before the 1st inning as well.

  7. What's the point of having rules about the time in which you need to ask for a replay if you're going to just ignore those rules when you feel like it?

  8. Made it to the game today. Great ovation for Dozier when the All-Star announcement came through.

  9. So, this is cool. For voting in the final All Star vote, MLB.TV is giving me a free 14-day free trial. Looks like i get to watch the next few Twins games.

  10. Twins broadcasters have sure been hyping Hicks since he came back. He's done okay, but he hasn't been that great. But on the other hand, it's nice to hear the organization building up its young players rather than tearing them down.

  11. Minor Details is caught up. At least until after today's games, when it'll probably get behind again.

  12. A good time was had by all. We almost made it to the end of the eighth seventh before leaving. That was much later than we were originally hoping so that was great.

    The Pirate picked the longest half-inning for a visit. I wasn't sure if he would ever be making it back.

    1. Most definitely! And that was quite a fun half-inning that the Pirate and Valet joined us for.

      Zee, I'm sorry we didn't see you!

      1. Oh, and the jalapeño is already talking about the next baseball game he'll attend.

        'Spoiler' SelectShow

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