Fourth Tuesday Movie Day: Superhero Flicks

brianS saw Ant Man ... I still haven't seen the most recent Avengers and there have been about 12 new movies released in the interim. How can anyone keep up?

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  1. I've seen three movies in the theaters this summer
    Avengers: Age of Ultron - Very enjoyable. Not much else to say really.
    Jurassic World - Becoming a big fan of Chris Pratt. Movie did a good job paying homage to the original, ignoring the other sequels, and entertaining throughout this one.
    Inside Out - Pixar does it again. Enjoyable, but not as much as previous movies. Bring tissues.

    My wife and I also recently start watching Wayward Pines. We're through 8 of the 10 episodes. Wondering what others thought of this show.

  2. Have quite a few this month.

    Inside Out: Really, really great. I'm not sure when I will be able to watch it again, but I think I need another viewing or two before I decide exactly how I feel about it.
    Jurassic World: I wanted to watch a bunch of dinosaurs wreck a bunch of stuff. That's what I got.
    Ant Man: I had almost no expectations heading into this, and enjoyed it a fair bit. Fun popcorn heist flick.
    Magic Mike: Re-watched this to prep myself before going to see Magic Mike XXL (which I haven't made it to yet, unfortunately). Even better than I remember. Tremendous film. While it doesn't sound like XXL is quite as... nuanced, it sounds like it's stupid fun and just as gorgeously shot so I'm excited to head to it.
    Election: I re-watched this for the first time in years. I still love it so much. Easily Reese Witherspoon's best role!
    Wet Hot American Summer: Re-watched to prepare myself for "First Day at Camp." Much funnier on a second viewing, so tremendously stupid.
    BoJack Horseman Season 2: This is my favorite television show not named Hannibal (RIP), and it's certainly the best representation of depression on TV! Season 2 was as good as I expected. I watched the last 9 episodes in one sitting since I couldn't pull myself away. It hurts so good.
    Steven Universe: J and I started watching this, and we've got through all the episodes on Hulu (37?) and are going to try to catch the rest of the way up soon. I like it a fair bit, it's definitely getting stronger the further we get into the series. I don't Adventure Time like it but it's very good.

      1. I've enjoyed BoJack Horseman quite a lot, though I think Season 1 was more consistently funny than Season 2.

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  3. Flipping channels and watched a good amount of the ending of Popeye again (have I seen the whole movie? I don't know). Unbelievably bad, many of the words can't be understood, and when it comes to musicals Nilsson is not a master lyricist by any means. How did Altman keep getting funding?

  4. I haven't watched any movies recently, but I've seen a ton of Octonauts.

    I did finish the first season of Attack on Titan, as mentioned here previously. Really want a second season out of that.

    1. I think that counts as two seasons of AoT. Most anime I watch seem to have 12-13 episodes per season.
      There was one week off between the original airing of episode 13 and episode 14.
      The next episodes are still being made, so it'll take some time for them to come to the U.S.
      But at least the manga have been written and published, doubling the number that went into the 26 anime episodes.
      So I would expect 26 more, and then a completing the story.

      I'm tempted to buy some of the manga, or see if I can get them from the library.

      1. I think I heard a 2016 release on season 2. So I'm assuming I just need to wait until later next summer, which is fine, I guess. I need resolution, dammit!

      2. Yeah 12-13 episodes is the average per "cour" as they say in anime speak. The year is broken up into four different viewing seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), and generally the cour will fit into that season. Sometimes they'll air a show in back to back seasons (AoT did this I think), sometimes they split it up (a show that started last Winter skipped the Spring season, and the second half of the season aired in Summer). Anyway... a super nice thing about streaming stuff now is that we frequently get stuff as it simulcasts in Japan. I'm sure AoT will be like this. Crunchyroll and Funimation streamed it before, and I would assume at least one of them will pick up the next series so you can watch it while it airs in Japan. If you don't want to pay, they both have free options where it just lags a week behind.

        1. Can I get those things on my TV or just my computer?
          I have a Roku on a small kindof old TV and an old Blu-Ray player on the old big TV.

            1. I *think* that CR allows you to use the free version with the app. It's relatively affordable, I think it's like $7 a month, and that includes access to their Manga app.

      3. If you get it from the library, then I can start hiding things for you there! I visit the hold shelves a couple times a week.

  5. I watched most of the Redford Great Gatsby last night. I've tried twice before to read the book only to lose interest and consciousness before anything really happens, so all I can really compare to is the Luhrmann version.
    I thought Sam Waterston was great as Nick. I thought Carey Mulligan was better as Daisy than Mia Farrow, because I saw something redeemable and noble in her, whereas Farrow didn't seem as desirable as Gatsby had her.
    The movie has a horrible edit right at the end. Waterston is voiceover monologing at dusk, walking to his house from Gatsby's. Sharp, abrupt cut to a loud, sunny scene of rich folk walking up a pier with "Ain't We Got Fun?"

    Watched about a half hour of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which I never have before. Seems OK. I don't know about the song "Raindrops Keep Falling on my head" though. Must be the 70's.
    That Eddie Vedder/Mike Watt song is as true as ever.

    This is all probably EAR's attempt to push Anime out of all of the recommendations in our NetFlix. On to them:

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I've slowed down on this a lot because I learned that NetFlix does not have the last 13 episodes, and I'm putting off the day in which I have to figure out what to do. There's a much more frightening (though not grotesque) homunculus in this series than in the first, and overall things seem less likely to succeed.
    Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet, a short 13-episode full story that's pretty good. I finished it last night. Far distant future, and a human soldier falls through a wormhole crash-lands his fighter (a robot he pilots) on something like Waterworld's Earth. A few interesting thoughts. The musical themes stink. The emotions at the end did feel more earned than those of the first Fullmetal Alchemist.
    Noragami. Modern Japan (I think), and a teen girl can see and befriends the most minor of gods around. I'm only 3 or 4 episodes in. I'm trying to figure out this world and where this is going.
    Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. Medieval Japan or similar country (think Princess Mononoke era), a spear-wielding female bodyguard has to protect a prince from his father, the king ("Shogun"?). Interesting enough, but man do I fall asleep a lot during this one. Maybe I stick with it because it seems the most like Studio Ghibli. Musical themes stink.
    Kill la Kill. A big WTF, so far from everything else I've watched. Bizarre story, animation, characters, etc. I picked it because Zack dropped the name a while ago, perhaps on facebook or twitter. I'm just 4 episodes in. I want to see where it's going. I definitely don't fall asleep.
    Samurai Champloo. I watched a few episodes of this when it was on Adult Swim, and I want context.

    Fat Guys in the Woods. A reality series on the weather channel, I watched an episode and a half at the in-laws' this weekend. Despite my general distaste for reality shows, this one kept my interest for the full episode I watched (winter survival in northern Michigan). I never need to watch it again, but it beats so many of the reality shows that my FiL and MiL want me to watch with them.

      1. No, there's some decent Japanese Rock/Pop during the credits of Attack on Titan and the two Fullmetal Alchemists.
        Those two shows' credits have me clumsily ffwding (Which is not an easy task with this old Blu-Ray's interface), much easier with the Roku on the small TV.

  6. Payback
    The Drop
    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Inherent Vice
    Lone Survivor
    Transformers: Age of Extinction
    Slow West
    True Detective: Season 2 (Episodes 1-6)

  7. I watched I Origins (or most of) and enjoyed it -- a very indy feel to it, and inconsistent at times, but had a satisfying ending for being a potential prequel.

  8. Started watching Parks & Rec and we're almost done. Amazing. I don't much care for Tom Haverford, but I about died when he talked about Chicky-Chicky-Parm-Parm.

    Inside Out: My second favorite Pixar movie after Wall-E. Lots of tissues needed.
    50 Shades of Gray: One of the worst 5 movies I've ever seen. My word.
    Trainwreck: Standard Apatow. Lots of funny moments, formulaic, many pointless scenes. That said, I enjoyed the performances of Lebron James, Amy Schumer, John Cena, Tilda Sweeton, and Mike Birbiglia.

    1. You on the final season?

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  9. I've seen two flicks this month. The aforementioned Ant-Man, and Trainwreck.

    Both were formulaic and somewhat or very predictable, and both were fun.

    Amy Schumer is the It Girl of the moment in comedy. Raunchy yet girl-next-doorish. Her script was excellent, despite the completely predictable ending, and she gets very funny performances out of LeBron and Jon Cena. And perhaps the best performance in nearly a decade out of Ama're.

    Ant-Man was not Guardians-level good, but it was close. Paul Rudd rocks the title role, but Michael Pena absolutely owned every scene he was in.

    1. The theater I was in laughed enthusiastically at most of the jokes to the point where the jokes that didn't land were painfully awkward, like a comedian struggling on stage. I'm not sure if it would have been better or worse watching it without a crowd. Overall a funny movie though.

  10. Boyhood: Extremely good. Baby interrupted a lot, so the whole thing took about four hours to watch. I greatly preferred this to Birdman.

    Big Hero 6: Beginning of the movie is pretty great (the scene where Baymax's battery runs low is fantastic humor - "we jumped out a window"), but the second half of the movie drags a lot. Overall, it's still good.

    Watched three or four of the Harry Potter movies over the weekend (ABC Family ran a marathon). I'd seen all of them but the last multiple times, but they all hold up really well.

    'Epilog Spoiler' SelectShow

    We've also been watching a lot of TV lately (Caleb makes TV watching easy), so we started on the Jim Gaffigan show (harmless sitcom cheese - fair waste of 30 minutes if you like his comedy), and watched some other stuff that I can't recall at the moment.

    Lots of Parks and Rec reruns on Esquire. God, I love that show.

    1. The boy loves BH6 (and I liked it more than I thought I would, plot holes aside). He wants to grow up and be smart like Hiro. I'm fine with such aspirations.

  11. Mad Max Fury Road. The two bookend chase scenes were glorious to watch but otherwise it was ok. Let's face it not much of a plot. I thought some of the characters were cartoony for no reason other than to be cartoony.

    1. It must not be as hot in Minny as it is in NOLA. I need next to no excuse to see a movie (think free ac...), and this one still stands out as great entertainment.

  12. Flew through Kimmy Schmitt

    Started 30 Rock and not nearly as into it (Tracy Morgan has never amused me)

    Loving Twin Peaks

    Saw Jurassic World in theater and enjoyed

    Wasn't a huge fan of season one of True Detective . I think that about covers it.

    1. Give 30 Rock some time. It was really good in Season... 3? I think it was 3. It was pretty good overall, but really hit some high notes at some points.

  13. If you people aren't watching Rectify, you're missing out on the best show on television. Great cast, compelling story, and beautifully helmed. Southern Gothic in the best sense.

    Easy to catch up on, S1 is just 6 episodes, S2 is 10, and the current one: S3 will only be 6, as well.

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