40 thoughts on “Game 99: Pirates at Twins”

    1. He had a Hell of a jump. He was gonna be safe no matter what. Too bad he doesn't get the credit.

  1. Completely random thing: We all know in 1968 Bob Gibson was incredible. 11.9 bWAR 1.12 ERA 22 wins etc. But he was credited with 9 losses. Talk about no run support!

  2. Plouffe must have forgotten that Dozier is half a foot shorter than Mauer and wouldn't be able to catch that throw.

  3. Coming into the game, batters leading off an inning against Pelfrey have a slash line of .363/.404/.520/.923 (109 PA)

    thats....not good.

  4. That's the first homer Perkins has allowed all season without me in attendance.

  5. Duensing needs to be DFA'd right now. No major league reliever, especially left-handed, should be walking Jaff "I can't spell or pronounce" Decker to load the bases in a tie game. The guy obviously had no chance up there and they get two strikes on him and then don't throw anything even remotely close to the plate and what do you know they get four runs. And the AP story's lead is about Perkins giving up a lousy solo HR in a tie game. Ridiculous. Throw a %**^&%^*%^&% strike to a guy with no chance and the Twins win going away.

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