July 29, 2015: The Fuzz

Yesterday we had to change a tire on one of the cars because I was forced into a curb by a cop pursuing someone. The tire blew (which I didn't realize right away; it wasn't fifteen seconds more before I parked). This one gets filed under "That sucks, but there's not much I can do about it."

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  1. How long until someone kills the lion killer? Not a hunter but I am more scared of the self-righteous internet mob.

    1. I think this is one of the angriest, scariest internet mobs I've ever seen. The number of people calling for the guy's death are... chilling.

    2. Instead of spending $50k to kill a big cat served up on a platter, he could of spent that on, like, 50 prostitutes. The satisfaction level has to be pretty comparable, plus it stimulates the local economy!

      1. Don't get to be in Africa though.
        I think the best thing is to go where some creatures are an invasive species and hunt the heck out of them.
        Still, 10,000 starlings for $5 each don't mount well.
        Ammo's cheaper though.

        1. You don't think there are prostitutes in Africa?

          edit: If the focus is on the local economy, I suppose Africa is off the table.

    3. His office is fifty feet from the Valet's day care. We're getting the Valet out of there at lunch today before the angry mob really gets unruly.

    4. My parents have a friend with a dental practice not all that far from his. The friend's office is getting a bunch of calls from people who are looking for a new dentist.

        1. Karma would have him close his dental practice, move to Botswana/Kenya/Tanganyika/etc and perform free oral surgery on animals as they romp around the Serengeti. Dude to lion: "Say 'Ah'."

    1. I very much appreciate Hicks becoming a player that resembles what the Twins thought he could be. Putting him in a corner OF spot with Buxton... that sounds good to me.

      1. Also his trade value may never be higher. Go against the grain Terry Ryan and sell high for once!

  2. Saw a young woman around grad student age wearing a Punto shirsey on the bus this morning, and it made me wonder how long until those will be out of common circulation. That and the Tulowitzki trade made me wonder how long the average shirsey is worn. Given that a shirsey is an order of magnitude less expensive than an authentic jersey, presumably they're more replaceable, but it seems like people hang on to them well beyond what you'd expect.

    1. I think Punto might be my dad's all time favorite Twin. We gave him a Punto shirsey a couple of years ago, and he still wears it with pride.

    2. The two shirseys I have are Mauer and Willingham, and I'm sure I'll wear them both until they fall apart, no matter how long it's been since Willingham left (and retired?)

      Part of that is also a sentimental attachment, though, since the were my Dad's before he died a couple years back.

      I guess I also see it as more of a Twins shirt than an endorsement of a particular player. Though not completely, since I turned down a good deal on an ii due to not wanting his name on me.

      1. Mrs. Hayes has a Willingham shirsey, too; that one & her Thome shirsey indicates the kind of player she prefers.

        She wanted to a new one for the game we're attending in August, though - it says "Twins Fan On Deck."

        1. Is that news?
          If so, congrats!

          I also think it endorses the type of player one likes.
          But they never made any "Mulholland" shirseys.
          And I still regret letting that game-used Mulholland jersey stay on the rack. (I got the DePaula the next year; I had been given a raise that week.)

          1. It is news indeed. We've slowly been making it official.

            Yeah, that Mulholland jersey would have been a keeper. Non-closer reliever jerseys are some of the coolest. I'd proudly wear a Juan Berenguer jersey.

          1. The fan should be here after pitchers & catchers but in time to participate in Spring Training.

        2. Nice - congrats!

          The only jersey in our house is sized 12 mos. - Mauer.

          I own a Twins t-shirt (no number so not a shirsey).

        3. Congrats!

          My kids got me a Mauer shirsey for my b-day one year. I always worry that I'm going to run into his family here in St. Paul, wearing their name on my back.

            1. I rode an elevator at Target Field last season (with a very pregnant wife so not just being lazy), and an older man got on wearing a ridiculously ugly Mauer shirt. Turns out, it was Joe's grandfather.

        4. Thanks everyone. I was starting to wonder whether it would happen for us. It's a good feeling.

    3. I've got a Mauer from his first season.
      The options were him and the outfield (Hunter, Jones, Stewart).
      I figured Mauer would give me the most life out of it.
      I bought a size too big and wore it for pajamas for years. Not sure where it is now.

      At Twinsfest years ago, I bought a Gomez 22 (after the trade), but screwed up and didn't notice it was a youth size. Gave it to my SiL, who wore it tight.

    4. I ironically wear a Jacque Jones one for exercise and yard work gifted to me from clearance several seasons after he left the team.

    5. Over the weekend, I saw a gentleman wearing an Oakland A's Punto shirsey at the New Ulm HyVee.

      1. Makes you wonder if he has one for each of Punto's stops in MLB. A Phillies Punto shirsey strikes me as the most unlikely.

    1. As I said the other day, it is going to happen eventually, and I suspect it's not that many years off. If people are convinced the technology is there, it's going to be hard to argue that we shouldn't use it.

      1. You'd think it would be hard to argue against, but it's not. I fully expect at least 3 of the Twins broadcast team to opposed to it. Before any of this was in the news I was at a game and suggested to the people around me that the home plate ump should have a speaker in his helmet that beeps when a pitch is a strike. 0 of 4 people agreed with me. Their argument was that they enjoy the human element.

        1. That was the argument against replay, too, but we still have it. There will be "old school" types who'll be against it, but just as with replay, the people who actually are involved in the game now want the calls to be correct.

        2. I've had this conversation with a few people, and their argument is always some variation of "But...that's what's done." I point out that the human element is only there because we didn't have the technology when baseball started. If we'd had the technology, baseball definitely wouldn't have wasted a job on a guy trying to decide where a pitch landed. They'd just use the technology. They rarely admit anything, but they usually stop talking, which seems like a grudging concession.

  3. Here's this week's Invisibles Quiz

    Managed to get three of them, but again, I feel like I should know more. I tried a bunch of answers on some others, but just can't come up with them.

    'Numbers 1, 2, and 8' SelectShow
  4. I'll need someone to take the recap of the Thursday game, as I'll be visiting the parental units for a couple of days.

  5. Minor Details is finally up. It would've been up sooner, but we've been having internet issues. It will not be here the next couple of days, and it will probably be sometime next week before I'm actually caught up.

  6. So the Mets traded for Carlos Gomez. It has not been finalized. But the Mets are playing one of the traded players in the field right now and he is playing with tears in his eyes.

    I mean really Mets? Just pull the danged guy off the field.

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