17 thoughts on “2015 Game 101: Mariners”

  1. Oooooh! A fully room of us just started cheering! And the jalapeño is singing the "Win Twins" song.

    After being aggravated by them all day long, I once again like my family.

  2. This is impressive

    Phil Miller ‏@MillerStrib
    Aaron Hicks' HR makes this his 5th straight game with 2 or more hits. That's longest such streak since Justin Morneau's 6 straight in 2010.

          1. No treats for that mention. Foul ball hit back to press box, fumbled by ink stain wretch. Bremer says something to the effect that his FIP was gonna take a hit for that misplay.

  3. So, how many people believed the four players in the lineup near the end of July with the highest averages would be Hicks, Rosario, Sano, and Polanco? Yeah, me neither

  4. I caught a bit of the later innings on the radio and had to laugh because Dan Gladden was talking about the time Jason Giambi was telling people Target Field doesnt allow home runs is because the concrete was not cured yet.

    1. Jack Morris mentioned it too. He said he believes the concrete being cured now was probably a small reason why homers are up. But he said that most of the reason is just how dang hot it is.

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