August 3, 2015: Sleep is Over

School's back in and it's time for me to get used to being up when everyone else gets up again. If only I worked at 7 every day, this wouldn't be such an irritating transition.

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  1. Copying this over from yesterday's CoC because Monday will have more traffic:

    I set up an EPL Fantasy League. I know we had one 2 seasons ago, but not last year. Website here. League code: 1381031-325701

    Rosters for week 1 set on August 8 at 5:45am Central, so you've got less than a week to avoid starting from behind. Also, as creator/Commissioner, I reserve the right to dock anyone 1,000,000 points for selecting John Terry to his squad.

  2. Back from GEN CON!

    What an amazing weekend. I got to play so many great board games... too many to list here. And I plan on sharing more about my visit to Gen Con next week for my Games article. (I won't do it today because of the book thread) However, I want to start a new thing...

    I'm hoping to do this each Monday, sharing about a recent game I've tried out/played/gotten really excited about. I'm going to start with my favorite game from Gen Con
    Queen's Architect - This is a worker placement/resource management game that really spoke to me. The theme of the game is that you are an architect, vying to be the best in the land and become the official Queen's Architect. You do this by proving your worth in building new buildings all around the countryside. Building and repairing can gain you points, while other actions help you set up to earn those points. This game had a LOT going on, which I like. The more wheels turning, the better IMHO. You choose your action by taking steps around a rondel (think six-spoked wheel). You can take 1, 2, or 3 steps. So you can never do the same action back-to-back. Actions can be gaining money, hiring workers, resting workers, building/repairing, etc. Also, the point track has a nice hitch to it. Rather than just scoring straight points, points are in clumps, and in order to move up, you need to have the right number of points. So let's say the next two bunches are 4 and 6, and you score 9 points, well, you can pass up the 4 point bunch, but you aren't able to move up the 6 point bunch, and instead get bonds (which work as money). Makes you really think about how you score points. Great heavy Euro game, and I loved it.

    I didn't realize this until I got home, but this game is not yet available on Amazon. I was hoping to see if Amazon had a discount (and I didn't have access to wifi while I was there). If I would've have known that this wasn't readily available, I'd have snatched up a copy, but alas, I missed out.

    1. My brother and SiL worked a booth for store credit during GenCon. They came home with 15 new games, only three of which they paid for, and they still have enough credit for one more. They had an absolute blast. He even got a picture and a stamp from the "Papers, Please" cosplayers.

      1. I only got 2 games, one used from another attendee, and one discounted at the Mayfair booth. I'm not a big spender anyway, but boy I'd like that deal where they get 12 games for free.

      2. I've avoided Papers, Please because I'm afraid I would be sucked in, and I just don't want to spend all my free time on a video game. But I've enjoyed watching a few hilarious play-through videos on YouTube.

        1. For such a simple seeming premise, it's a ridiculously engrossing game. I've only played once or twice on my brother's laptop, and I've held off getting it myself for exactly the same reason as you - I'd get sucked in.

        2. This is the first time I've heard of this game. I watched about 40 minutes of something called "lets play" on YouTube and both thought the game looked interesting as hell and the guy playing was very enjoyable to listen to.

      1. Okay, that got a legitimate LOL.

        Did you know the 84 Twins had 32 complete games from their starters? They really didn't trust that bullpen.

  3. I only managed to get 2 in this week's Invisibles Quiz, and one of them took some guessing to come up with the right one. And of course I feel like I should recognize more of them, but couldn't quite place them.

    'Numbers 1 and 4' SelectShow
  4. Curses! The WGOM has been Websensed!
    On the plus side, we're categorized under "Sports." That's a good sign, right?

    1. Really? Huh.

      I actually really like Websense for web filtering. It works a lot better (with a few annoying hangups) than anything else we've used around here, with less administrative finickisms.

      On the plus side, since the higher ups are all sports fanatics, it's unlikely that the site will ever be blocked around here.

      Besides, I'm an admin. Everything can be dodged.

      1. When I took another job temporarily, the place I worked had zero training plan and expected me to take about two weeks to read two days' worth of documentation. When I asked my manager what I should do, she told me to just browse the internet. Basically any and every site I normally look at was filtered. I basically spent my days looking for crap on eBay and thus started an extremely expensive retro games habit. It gravely impacted me!

          1. I spent a summer internship once surfing wikipedia because that was the only thing unblocked.

            1. Wiki names a little more sense, even though it's one of the top three time wasting websites in existence.

              EBay? That makes no sense at all.

    1. I'm still debating on whether to see the Haggard/Kristofferson/Simpson show at the State Fair. +/- $40 after fees isn't bad for any of combination of the two, much less all three. The only thing is it's a Monday night show.

      1. Even worse (or better, depending on your perspective) is that it's a Labor Day night show. I already have my tickets, but haven't confirmed who's going to use my extra pair... couple of "no's" and a couple of "maybe's".

        1. Oooh, I didn't think about Labor Day. I don't think it'll make a difference one way or the other for me, except maybe extra crowd at the Fair.

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