8 thoughts on “Game 108 Recap: Blue Jays 9, Twins 3”

  1. They didn't share the statistical source, but last night on the four-letter, the guys on the baseball show cited a 21% chance for the Jays to win the AL East. After watching their offense and pitching against the Twins, I have a hard time believing the chance is that small.

    1. If they could play the Twins all the time, it looks like their chance would be 100%.

      1. Maybe, but the Twins did manage to take 2/3 from them earlier this year ... so there's that.

    2. Ah, but it's the Yankees that are first. ESPN knows the Twins still have three games away against the Yankees.

      1. They're 4.5 games back, but it seems like the 13 or so head-to-head games between those clubs should give them a better chance than 21%. They're 4-2 against NY already this year.

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