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  1. In his last four games, Kennys Vargas is 8-for-13 with two home runs, four walks, and some doubles and triples as well. After a horrible start in Chattanooga, he's now hitting .277 with an OPS of .904 there.

    1. What's even better is his K/BB ratio is 29/22. His biggest problem in the majors was chasing too many bad pitches, so it looks like he's getting away from that.

      1. He's hit everywhere he's been. I still see no reason he won't eventually hit in the majors, too. In fact, he has hit very well at times, he's just been streaky so far.

          1. Unless the Twins make some moves, though, Vargas is going to struggle to get playing time even down the road. He's not going to move Mauer off first. Unless Sano moves to third, Sano will continue to get the DH at-bats, and Sano's not moving to third as long as Plouffe! is around. Moving someone to the outfield seems unlikely with Rosario, Hicks, Buxton (and Hunter) are around, and Arcia's still in the mix, too. Injuries could always change things, of course, but I'd like to see the Twins make some moves during the off-season.

              1. He's the logical one to go. They can't trade Mauer without eating a lot of salary, which would be a very un-Twins thing to do. It would help if Hunter retired, but I don't see that happening. Nothing against Plouffe!, he's a perfectly good major league player, but they need to make room for the young guys and see whether they can play.

                1. Plouffe is the logical one to go because he is the most expensive with the fewest controllable years but he still should have plenty of trade value. The Twins need to get Sano to third and strengthen other areas of the team. Even if Hunter retires, the Twins should make the trade because they still need to find room for Buxton, Vargas, Arcia and even Kepler pretty soon.

                  1. Agreed.

                    I don't see the Twins doing this, but I wonder if Hunter could be persuaded to accept a part-time role if they made him a player-coach with an agreement to become a major league coach or minor league instructor or assistant to the GM or something when his playing days are over. It might be an interesting trial balloon to float.

  2. CC to DPWY (and anyone else who may find themselves in new orleans...): Primitivo for the win. Dr. Chop and I ate here last night, and it was every bit as good as you can imagine. Tell your outlaws, and head there the next time you're in town.

    1. Yummy. Before my next visit, I'll text you for a reminder (about that brunch place you mentioned as well).

      I think I'm visiting in October, but it'll be for two weddings (convenient!), so I don't of I'll have any control over choosing a meal.

          1. We've lived here 3+ years and haven't even come close to eating at a quarter of the places we've been told we must go. I'll send you the recs map just for reference.

  3. Also, if you're in New Orleans tonight, you'd better be coming with me to see Spider Stacy (vocals and tin whistle from the pogues) team up with the Lost Bayou Ramblers for what they're calling Poguetry

  4. Looks like another year of lots of pointless possession foot Everton only to concede on the counter.

      1. Very fun, but hate only getting one point. That Barkley goal was a cracker. It

  5. Went to the drive in with the wife and kids last night. For anyone with little ones, I can't recommend this enough as a way to actually get out to see a movie (or two!) without the cost and hassle of a babysitter. Especially excellent for infants, as long as they'll sleep in their car seat. Plus, at the one by us, it's only $20 total for two adults and two kids to see two current movies. We go every couple of months, and every time we do, I remember how much I like going there.

    I'll save more for movie day, but saw Fantastic Four and Ant-Man. The reviews matched what we thought of them: one was great, one was terrible.

  6. Eduardo Escobar wore a sign on his back in the clubhouse and during batting practice on Friday that read, “Forgive me, Torii. I [heart] Swingman.” It’s the penance that the infielder has to pay, Torii Hunter said, for buying a pair of Air Jordans this week, rather than the Nike brand that Ken Griffey Jr. models for and Hunter endorses. “If he wears that sign for three days, he can wear the shoes,” Hunter said with a grin. “But he should just buy Swingman in the first place.”

    Now I know what to boycott, not that I've ever spent more than $50 on shoes.

  7. I've mentioned the son of some high school friends, Brandon Nimmo, a couple of times before. At the All-Star break he played in the Futures game (he's with the Mets organization) and has now been promoted to AAA Las Vegas, where he's already hit his first home run. He's 22 now, a first round pick from 2011. Could be a good one with the right development, he's already got the DNA on his side.

  8. Sitting waiting for the wedding to start: my nephew (brother of the bride) is in the front row on a laptop, streaming from Afghanistan. Pretty cool

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