34 thoughts on “Game 111: Twins Game vs. Walking Dead Marathon”

    1. I just picked up a 12-er of Saga yesterday. Great stuff. Although talking about beer this weekend makes me sad that I missed the Great Taste of the Midwest yesterday.

      Also, and I'm way late to this game log, I'm making empanadas tonight.

      1. I had a good time with Saga while I was out there. Is that what we ended up having at the Field?

        Argh, I wish we'd seen out the end of the game together. Not that it wasn't awesome with my brother.

        1. Nah, we just had the Extra Pale (a fine beer in its own right).

          Totes about that game though. Sadly, the season turning to shit has taken some of the luster off the memory. I'm still trying to hold onto it to remind myself that it was still pretty fun for three months.

          1. as mentioned on the Bookface, I recently received a care package from friends in DC/Arlington area. Enjoyed a Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager last night. Very nice -- a shitton of toasted malt in that thing, but enough hops to balance.

            also, I made a vegan version of Ma Po Tofu (riffing off of this NYT recipe, with button mushrooms). ZOMG! Really, really good, ifidosaysomyself. The keys were (a) Sichuan peppercorns, (b) fermented black beans, (c) broad bean paste, and (d) simmering the tofu in water in advance. I never knew about that last point before, but it made a huge textural difference and helped the tofu hold its shape rather than crumbling.

  1. Okay, I'm about to give up. I just did a long series of puzzles that leads to this final clue. I know I'm looking for a three-word movie title and the letters should be these:


      1. Jeez. I did every other aspect of the challenge in short order, and this one just drove me nuts. Well, that'll be the answer. Thanks, homeslice.

          1. That's usually how I handle anagrams, but this one didn't come at me. I spent forever with words like the, weather, planet, Earth, there...

  2. I am issuing a No Hitter Watch for the areas of Downtown Cleveland until 3pm Central Time. People should be on teh lookout of a no hitter being pitched in and around the watch area. Stay tuned for further details.

    1. Six innings, 61 pitches, zero hits, one walk, and seven strikeouts. Not feeling good about the Twins getting a hit at the moment.

  3. I really hope this is rock bottom, because if this is not rock bottom, I'm a little scared of where rock bottom is going to be.

  4. Sure a good thing we used Robinson to pitch yesterday, so we could save our good relief pitchers for today.

  5. Cleveland is up by 8 runs and the one dude is beating his rally drums like there is no tomorrow. Ugh

  6. FSN says that's the fourth no-hitter Mauer has broken up. First question is where that ranks among Twins and all-time.

      1. Yeah, how deep into a game? 'Cause I have to assume he's broken up far more than that. If it's fifth inning or later, that makes more sense.

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