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    1. I misread this in the side bar and thought "What does The Admiral have to do with anything? I mean, the man obviously has the right to an opinion, but I wouldn't think said opinion would really carry much weight. And who would ask a retired basketball player about the Angels' manager in the first place?"

      Did I mention I got up (relatively) ridiculously early?

      1. I, too, woke up at 5:30. Normally when school starts I have trouble adjusting to an earlier sleep schedule; this year, I've adjusted even more than I'd like.

  1. I've not really been paying attention to the twins lately for a variety of reasons, but I may just have to purchase a sano shirsey.

    1. In general, when you're in "very early talks" to produce something, it's not worth mentioning. So many films fall apart, it's amazing any movies get made at all.

      1. Speaking of, does anyone know where that picture of DPWY and Sheenie is from Halloween where he was Wu and she was Al?


        Looks like I had it wrong way round.

          1. The calculus my brain does to determine what esoteric stuff I remember and what I don't is screwy. I can't explain it.

  2. I'm at the Wisconsin state fair. There is a disturbing lack of Wisconsin beers here.

    Also, the trinket got bit by a baby duck.

    1. I once swatted at, and sorta connected with, a goose that bit my sister, probably when she was about the Trinket's age. Mean little bastards. At least you guys were up against a baby duck.

      1. I may not get a chance to go to the great Minnesota get together this year. I'm not happy about that.

      2. It feels more like the Illinois state fair here, to be honest. I know corporate advertising money is needed to do these things these days (not that you'd know if from how much everything costs here), but man.

  3. The NFL season is right around the corner, which means RandBallsStu has his "Increasingly Lost Season" Packer write ups up and running.

    Carol Burnett is credited with saying, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” If she watched the NFC Championship Game, she might amend that to, “Comedy is when Mike McCarthy has more confidence in Mason Crosby and Eddie Lacy than Aaron Rodgers when you’re steamrolling the defending champs on the road.”

  4. Remember when I said that Brady would play in game 1 of the NFL season based on the fact that Lester Munson said he wouldn't? Seems like I'm gonna be right.

    Berman has pushed the sides to agree to a settlement before the Patriots' season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 10.

    Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who were in attendance at Wednesday's hearing, were not present Thursday. Brady was back in Foxborough with the Patriots on Thursday, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

    The Patriots open their preseason Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers in Foxborough. Brady is not expected to play.

    On Wednesday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the NFL wants Brady to accept the Wells report -- which concluded that the quarterback was "at least generally aware" of rule violations surrounding the deflated footballs in January's AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts -- as a condition of settlement.

    Brady, meanwhile, sources say, remains adamant he will only accept a settlement that includes no suspension and no admission of guilt.

    The NFL's position is that they want to have Brady admit that he was "at least generally aware" of rule violations? L-O-FREAKING-L. That's ammo to suspend a player for a quarter of the season?

    I wouldn't trust Lester Munson to represent me on a parking ticket.

    1. What's funnier is the dead seriousness everyone is taking this thing when they've got roided up monsters smashing each others brains into oblivion among, uhhhh, other issues.

      1. Somewhat related, I had lunch with AP today.

        sort of ... but not really.

        My boss and I were sitting near the front entry at a campus restaurant in 'Kato and he walked in. Turned around and went back out out the front door, hung around the storefront waiting for his family, signed an autograph or two*, and then directed a big group of folks - including six or so of his children (I assume) and an older woman with a walker (mom?) - to a roped-off second story/loft for lunch.

        More importantly though, my Cali burger Minnesota Cheeseburger and tater-tots were awesome.

        *That place was just crawling with fans in Vikings gear and autograph books - kinda felt like the state fair.

    2. While Munson is a moron, I think the entire New England region needs to be educated on the federal equivalent of Minnesota CIVJIG 12.10 ("The law makes no distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence.").

      If I read one more goofball in my book of face feed screaming, "Where's the direct evidence?" I'll... get annoyed.

    1. Didn't see in the article about the time change. With the switch, the show will have twice as many episodes and PBS will get episodes nine months after they air on HBO. So rich kids will just get the new episodes first.

  5. Unnecessary commentary in Yahoo's player notes:

    Mark Buehrle tossed a nice start in Thursday afternoon's 4-2 win over the A's, allowing two runs on seven hits over seven-plus innings.
    Advice: Buehrle struck out two and walked two in the contest. The A's were unable to reach him until he trotted out to start the eighth inning. He's been pitching well all season and holds a cool 3.31 ERA and 1.16 WHIP. Not bad for somebody who was born before the advent of the personal computer. A road date with the Phillies is up next for the wily veteran.

    1. I know it's hard to please everyone on there, but mine didn't make the list 🙁

      I was gonna get a candy bar; the button I was supposed to push was "HH", so I went to the side, I found the "H" button, I pushed it twice. Fuckin'...potato chips came out, man, because they had an "HH" button for Christ's sake! You need to let me know. I'm not familiar with the concept of "HH". I did not learn my AA-BB-CC's. God-god dammit-dammit.

    2. We should never let spooky forget that only Beau gave me a point when I coopted a Hedberg joke for a Twenty Questions answer in Survivor.

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