44 thoughts on “Game 116: Indians at Twins”

    1. I still enjoy the NFL, but I cannot watch exhibition games. Most of the game, it's a bunch of guys I never heard of and probably will never hear of again.

      1. Yeah. Same here.

        TBH, I didnt know they were playing until I was looking at the tv listings during the mid inning break

  1. Remember when the Twins were crazy good with RISP? I didn't expect that to last, but it would be nice if they wouldn't go the opposite way the rest of the year. They can be just average at it, you would think (relative to batting w/out RISP). Of course, the Twins have gone almost two full games without a hit from a RH batter, so maybe they're just bad overall and it makes it like they're bad w/ RISP.

  2. I think this performance by the Duffman is what should be expected, and goes to show how tough it is to pitch against Toronto right now.

  3. Duffey now tied with James Baldwin, Shane Bowers, and Shairon Martis with 7 career strikeouts in a Twins uniform

    1. I was at a Shame Bowers start. I think it was against David Cone. My brothers and I definitely were yelling "BOWERS!" like in Little Big League pretty much the entire game.

  4. That's encouraging. The high fastball is what he's been striking out on a lot. If he can start getting to that consistently, he can be a very dangerous hitter.

  5. There goes the no hitter.

    With so many walks, I didnt realize he was pitching a no no.

  6. Only problem with Sano getting a lot of walks is that he has Plouffe batting next most games and he leads the world in GIDP. Of course, he's had a lot of opps batting behind Mayer and Sano most of the time this season.

    1. Berardino had a write up before the game about Plouffe's DPs. Molly quoted wants to do hit and runs, but Plouffe's extra base potential makes it tough for him to pull that trigger.

  7. This is the third time the month the Twins have hit 3 or more HRs in a game. Only happened 3 times in of all July.

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