27 thoughts on “August 16, 2015: Duff-man”

  1. Brian Dozier played in his 500th game last night. He has a career slash line of: .242 /.317 /.420 /.738 OPS+ 103

      1. I was initially mad that Torii was blocking the younger players because I thought the Twins should focus on the future. Now I'm mad because they should be focusing on the current AND future. I really hope Torii announces his retirement soon so the Twins don't offer him an extension.

        1. I think how Hunter finishes the season will probably determine that. Right now, he's hitting .238/.292/.420. If he finishes the season hitting in the .230s or worse, I could see him deciding it was time to go. If he has a solid last month and a half, so that he ends the season hitting .260 or better, I think he definitely comes back.

          1. I'm fine if he decides to come back. Just as long as it isn't with the Twins. I want to see Arcia, Rosario. Hicks, and Buxton all up next year.

            1. I have a hard time seeing a scenario where Hunter plays next year for a team other than the Twins, but we'll see.

  2. That was a heck of a round of golf. I would've loved seeing Spieth win, but it's fun seeing new people win, especially when they've been in the you're a while and had some near misses.

  3. Did you know that you can eat the mushrooms called stinkhorns?
    You can, if you get them when they're still in the "egg" stage, before it "hatches". (The "shell" is called the volva.)
    Today, while biking, I found a few of Ravenell's Stinkhorn (Phallus ravenelii, closely related to the Common Stinkhorn, P. impudicus) sticking out of some mulch. I'd heard of the eggs' edibility, so I went to find them. I got about a dozen, and noticed a few Dog Stinkhorns (Mutinus caninus, originally described as Phallus caninus) near a tree, and I found three eggs there. Much smaller.

    Technically, you can eat them at any stage (the Chinese do), but getting them before they erupt means not having to deal with the smell (which has been compared to many different animals' feces as well as rotting flesh). The Chinese deal with this by not harvesting when the mushroom is erect and covered with the putrid-stinking spores on the tip, but after the spores have all been distributed, and the mushroom falls down, flaccid. At that point, it looks like a bleached morel, but with .

    Tonight I cleaned a few up (including all of the Dogs) and fried them tonight. While the dark spore section is just OK, the center shaft is kind of chewy like squid or octopus. Clearly a bit more forgiving because as long as I cooked it would have turned squid into rubber. Anyone looking for a vegetarian replacement for calamari? Cook this, bread it, and fry it.
    The Chinese put it into soup.

    I also found two types of boletes. Those were better, and taste like mushrooms. (Stinkhorns seem to taste like little.) I know I can find a lot of one of the types, Ash Bolete (Boletinellus merulioides) around my deer-hunting camp in October.

    1. erect and flaccid stinkhorns.... You are way more adventurous than I, AMR. I want pictures and a Nation Has An Appetite!!!!111one1111!!!!!

        1. Hence their Linnean names.
          Common is "Shameless Phallus".
          When caninus ("dog") was split from Phallus, the new genus, Mutinus is the Roman name for the Greek god "Priapus", from whence we derive the word "Priapism".

          1. thanks for that. You sent me to the Repository article on Mutunus Tutunus. The Romans were comedic horn-dogs.

            1. Perhaps they just got carried away with their love of stinkhorn mushrooms and anything that resembles them.

  4. Extra inning Sunday Night baseball. Old Friend Sweet Drew Butera is catching for the Royals because Sal Perez was ejected for arguing strikes. (he was in the wrong)

  5. In the eighth inning, Eddie Rosario sent a pitch from McAllister off the top of the wall in right field and bouncing back into the outfield, opening the door for a triple. After a 42-second crew chief review to confirm that it was not a home run, Rosario was officially credited with his ninth triple of the season. That tied Miguel Oliva's 1964 club record for triples by a rookie in one season. Rosario then scored on a bunt single by Nunez.

    Not Berardino but still on the Minnesota Twins website. Doh!

    1. Oy. I read that yesterday on the mlb.com recap and it didn't register beyond "who was Miguel Oliva?"

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