83 thoughts on “August 26, 2015: The League”

  1. Spooky, don't forget your sister's birthday either. (Someone needs to remind me to wish my sister a happy birthday today!)

  2. Carlos Gomez is great, love his energy and passion while playing.

    Sure is a good thing we have teams like the Yankees to police the game though. Barking from the dugout is definitely the best way to handle a guy being frustrated by a pop-up, that's the right way to play the game.

      1. He's such a knob. They showed a replay of the Gomez/McCann altercation from a few years ago, I forgot how stupid he looked during that one.

                  1. I worked on some of the retail marketing for the only game they released. It was pretty obvious that the publisher lost faith in their ability to make money on it pretty early on - not much was being spent.

                  2. Considering the premise, I'd hope he managed it just like he manages his video game company.

    1. I had MLB Network on last night and they talked about this for a really long segment, coming to the conclusion that GoGo maybe shouldn't yell about not hitting a line drive homer every time he's at bat. I don't know, maybe the manager of the team shouldn't escalate a situation like that.

      1. The best talking point I heard was basically, when some guys display anger* with themselves for not performing, it's called, "passion." When other guys do so, it's called, "unprofessional."

        *or any emotion really. Funny how the "unprofessional" guys seem to generally be Hispanic/Latino.

    2. I gotta say, this is the first time I've realized GoGo is on the Astros. So, in that sense, this story has been useful.

  3. The minor annoyances of my job. Someone emailed the web contact form asking for a catalog. However, he neglected to provide any mailing information whatsoever. Like I'm some mindreader.

    1. It's not quite exact, but your last sentence there conjured up the song Albuquerque for me...

  4. I had my first actual classroom on-campus class in 11 years yesterday. One student in the class endlessly commented on everything the prof said, generally on unrelated tangents, and then I had a kid next to me spitting tobacco spit into a soda bottle. It's like I never left.

    1. Z - not sure if serious, but if you have posting privileges, it is easy. You simply click on the "+ New" button at the top of the page, select "Post," fill in the requisite info (pretty self explanatory) including selecting the Cup of Coffee button from the "Categories" list on the right side, and publish it.

          1. And that will be the headline...
            Hey, if I can make a jug of sauerkraut, I should be able to manage coffee.

                1. Uhhh, I want to give you something, but a WGOM buck seems too much. Didn't we have a nickle or something at somepoint?

        1. Ah, I see they're random each time. Well then... I think that some of the times you've answered your own question there.

          1. It cycles through the choices in order. That way as scrolling down it's easier to read them in the intended order.

    1. I love how during the early 1900s, many of them seemed to have the same thought that the previous year's logo was horrible and needed to be changed immediately...for like ten straight years.

      1. It's not that they had to change them, it's that their seamstress forgot how she did it the previous year and so had to start again from scratch.
        If a player was able to use the previous year's jersey, they could have multiple logos on the field at once.

    1. Is there any way I would actually be able to watch this on my real TV? I presume there is a probably a device involved...

        1. Yeah, my favorite platform is on my PS3. As I've said over and over again, the option to switch between audio feeds with Premium (either team's TV or radio crews, or just the sound from the ballpark sans chatter) is so useful.

          Speaking of, can you do that with Chromecast? I haven't figured out how to change the audio feed through my phone.

          1. I haven't figured out how to change the audio on the tablet app. If I pick say FSN, then click on TIBN, it just switches to the radio portion of the app, not a combo thing.

      1. And it's Chromecast compatible, so if you have a Chromecast and the app on your phone/tablet*, you're good to go. This is my method and it works wonderfully.

        *Dunno if it works in-browser. Haven't tried that way. But I would guess it would.

        1. I'll only go so far as to say Chromecast works reasonably well, especially for the price (also handy if you have/are considering other streaming media services).

      2. It'll also work if both your TV and phone have MHL pass-through, in which case you can hardwire for better and more stable quality. I'll ask follow-up questions if your TV and phone are both relatively new; if not, this won't be an option for you.

  5. so, official start date is not until Sept. 1, but I've assumed the mantle of responsibility in the new office. My inbox is full already. I'm doing what any sane person would do -- going on vacation next week!

  6. I forget, have we discussed the latest great thing AJ is doing? He's tried framing multiple pitches as strikes that bounced (and he's way more convincing than Suzuki who can't even frame a pitch down the middle).

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